DMP Offers Cloud Based Web Services API

Enables Security Dealers to Offer Branded, Customized, Portal or Mobile App

 Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has released a Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) for use by security system dealers and Central Stations. This cloud-based API makes it possible to write software allowing end users to interact with a variety of services and information sources via their smart phone or a web application in a standard, reliable way. The API enables a completely new world of features and functions, branded by the dealer, and delivered directly to the end user in an easily accessible way.

 "Smart phone users are always interested in new apps providing information or features that they want to access remotely," said Executive Director of Marketing, Mark Hillenburg. "With the Web Services API, DMP opens the door to a virtually unlimited range of new security-related apps. Using the API, dealers and Central Stations will be able to create a new and unique customer experience that sets their organization apart from their competition."

 APIs are small software programs that act as the connection point between servers and various software based services, typically delivered to end users via a rich graphical user interface. The most common security-related function is the ability to arm, disarm, or check the status of a security panel via a smart phone. Using the DMP API, app developers can create totally customized apps that are branded by their organization. Multiple APIs can combine several functions into a"mash-up" that melds together, in a single unified "dashboard." The DMP API is the first piece of the puzzle that will make it possible for dealers to deploy a totally customized user experience that is controlled and designed by them. Dealers can add their choice of best of breed mobile video or home automation device control, and even include information already processed by the Central Station automation system.

 The DMP Web Services API is available at no charge to dealers who subscribe to the SecureCom cellular service.