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We care. We have fun. We profit.

All Company Meetings are where we bring everyone together and talk about what matters to DMP: How are we caring for others? What are we celebrating? How is business going? All Company Meetings are much more than a quarterly status update—it's where we celebrate each other's successes, hear testimonies of our hard work helping others around the world and where we look forward into the future of DMP.

What happens at All Company Meeting?

No two meetings are the same, but you can expect to see a few familiar topics at each meeting:

New Faces, New Places

Learn who our new employees are and who has moved positions around the company.

Project100 Update

Find out how much time and money has been donated to our Project100 goal and hear stories about how those donations have impacted others.

Sales Update

Profit is good. It's why we're in business. We'll go over how our sales have been and how we're tracking with our goals for the year.

Miss the last meeting?

Catch up here.

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