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The 1134 connects and operates wirelessly with DMP panels using 900 MHz Two-Way technology. DMP panels provide access control, arming and disarming using proximity, mag-stripe, biometric or other Wiegand-output authentication devices. A keypad may be plugged directly into the 1134 for local programming. Building on the access control features of the 734 Series, the 1134 is powered from local lock power and up to seven 1134 can be used per panel.

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Wireless access control speeds installation and saves on wire costs

Supports Wiegand readers

Works with proximity and smartcard/high security

Supports up to eight different card formats

What is Two-Way wireless?

To ensure a strong, clear signal, DMP's Two-Way Wireless deploys 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology. Originally, this technology was used for military communications so the enemy couldn't decode the transmission and overpower the signal to stop communication. This same wireless technology is used in every DMP product – residential, small business and commercial. Choosing DMP wireless is a wise move for many different reasons.

When you need to add access control to a gate or door that's not connected to the rest of the main building, DMP has a solution. Take a look at this related case study.