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This package allows you to add new communication technologies to an existing fire panel. It fully powers the DualCom which alleviates the need to perform any battery calculations for the existing fire panel. Package includes the following products:

  • One AT&T or Verizon DualcomNF
  • One 505DC-PLATE Mounting Plate
  • One 505-12 Power Supply

Download Spec Sheet

For commercial or residential fire installations

Meets the NFPA 72 standard for single communications technology

If the primary IP path drops out for any reason, the secondary cellular path picks up communication almost instantly

DualCom has all the power it needs without drawing from the panel

DMP’s solution for full panel programming on Honeywell VISTA® panels

Did you know you can use DMP's DualCom or CellCom to upgrade existing installations and maintain full panel programming through Compass® Software?

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