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DOA vs. Repair: What's the Difference?

DOA vs. Repair

What's the Difference?

By Stephen Bowen

Manager of DMP Call Center

September 25, 2019

How do you know when to contact DMP Tech Support vs. the online Repair Center when sending in a product? It’s a question that comes up occasionally. To answer the question, let’s look at the two options we have in place:

Advanced Replacement/Defective On Arrival (DOA):

If we receive a call about a DMP product that isn’t working, we troubleshoot the problem with the technician. If the unit is, in fact, bad out of the box, we supply you with a DOA Return Authorization Number (RAN) — this allows us to issue a credit or send you a replacement product in advance. You then get the credit when you return the defective one back to DMP.

Why do we require troubleshooting with DMP's Tech Support team first? The bad out-of-box rate for the last 12 months is twenty-eight ten-thousandths of one percent or 0.000028 — that is 1 in 35,000 shipped units that are bad out of the box. That means when someone believes they have a bad unit, many times, we find a solution that corrects the issue. In a matter of minutes, we’ve helped the technician get up and running rather than having to go back.

Recently a particular dealer was losing a lot of money on "go backs" because the techs were reporting that many of their products were bad out of box. When we tested the returned units, nearly all were “no problem found." We reinforced that they should start their DOA process by calling into Tech Support first, and soon after they did, they realized they were having fewer go backs because of a drastic reduction in "bad" units. This is just one way that Tech Support can partner with your company to make you more efficient and ultimately more successful.


On the other hand, if a DMP product has been installed and stops working, a call to Tech Support probably isn't necessary. No troubleshooting is required in a situation where a product stopped working, a service tech replaced it and everything worked fine after that. In this case, that’s when you would go to the DMP Repair Center ( to process a repair on the unit. This allows you to send a product in for warranty repair while it's covered by its three-year warranty. If it is out of warranty, you can choose to pay for a repair. Or if it’s beyond repair, you can authorize us to discard the product or send it back to you unrepaired.

If there ever appears to be a problem with a DMP unit you ordered, we’ll do all that we can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Most likely it is a problem that our Tech Support team can get you up and running right away. Rarely, Tech Support may have to issue you a RAN. If you do have to send a product back to our repair center, we typically turn those repairs around in 48 hours. We don't like to hang on to your product — we want to get it fixed and back to you as soon as possible. We work hard to make these two options quick and efficient for you; hopefully you never have to experience either of these scenarios...but know that we are here to support you either way.

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