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UPS Shipping FAQ

UPS Shipping FAQ

Shipping Charges

June 22, 2020

How are shipping charges determined?
UPS bases the billable weight of a package on either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the box, whichever is greatest. To determine the dimensional weight of a package, UPS will multiply the length by width by height and divide the result by 139. Whether UPS uses the actual weight or the dimensional weight, all fractions over a whole number round up to the next whole number for the weight of the package.

Will I receive a credit for a late delivery?
UPS offers a delivery guarantee for their services. At times, the guarantee may be suspended either nationally or locally due to unforeseen events, during which UPS will reimburse the transportation charges only. They will not reimburse other fees associated with the delivery such as the fuel surcharge.

The UPS website will offer information as to when service guarantees are suspended due to an unforeseen event that may impact their ability to deliver packages. Specific service guarantee delivery times vary between different destination zip codes. To confirm your package’s guaranteed delivery day and time for your zip code for different levels of service, it is best to check the UPS website.

If you notify DMP Customer Service of a delivery delay, we will confirm whether the package qualifies for a refund based on the UPS service guarantee and advise our Accounting Department accordingly. Your Accounting representative will determine the appropriate amount of credit.

What is considered an “act of God?”
There are many factors for which UPS will exclude a delivery from their service guarantee. Please refer to for a complete list in their terms of service. Generally, any delivery delay that is caused by an event outside of their control will be excluded from the service guarantee, and a refund of shipping charges will not apply.


Who is responsible for filing a claim?
The shipper or receiver can initiate a claim with UPS for damaged or lost packages. You are responsible for filing the claim and notifying DMP Customer Service in a timely manner. If you would like, we can file a claim on your behalf.

What should I do if I have a shortage?
All packages should be inspected upon delivery, and DMP should be notified within seven days of any shipping discrepancies. If there is no damage to the shipping box but you discover an item is missing when you check in your order, please immediately call or email DMP Customer Service. Please have a copy of your BOL or PO available so we can correctly log all the information on the shortage. We will need either the order number or the PO number, the part number(s) of the missing items and the quantity that is missing for each item. We will confirm whether there may have been any back orders or additional packages in the shipment that may have not yet been delivered or checked in. If it is determined that there was a shortage, we will send out a replacement on your account and submit a ticket to credit the replacement that is being shipped.

Should I sign for a damaged package?
A package that visibly appears to have missing or damaged product should be refused, and you should contact DMP Customer Service with information on the order number or PO number and the tracking number of the package. We can assist you in sending out replacement product.

What should I do if I sign for a damaged box and items are missing or damaged?
It is best to refuse damaged packages. If you have signed for a damaged package and discover there are missing or damaged items, it will be necessary to file a claim with UPS. If you are unable to file a claim, DMP Customer Service can file a claim on your behalf. We will need the order or PO number, the part numbers and quantities affected and the tracking number of the package involved. Please take pictures of the shipping container and any damaged product to help substantiate the claim. Keep all damaged product and shipping containers until UPS has had an opportunity to inspect the package or you have been directed to do otherwise by DMP. Replacement product can be sent; however, it will be treated as a new order. A credit will only be issued by DMP when UPS approves the claim.

What should I do if a package has concealed damage?
If you receive a package that appears to be in good condition, however upon inspection has damaged product, please immediately contact DMP Customer Service. We will need the order number or PO number, the part numbers and quantities affected and the tracking number of the package. We may also ask that you send pictures of the shipping container and contents. We will advise you whether we want the damage product returned or whether it should be disposed of and will arrange for replacement product to be sent out.

Are package and freight claims handled in the same way by UPS?
No. UPS freight claims are handled separately from package claims. Make sure to inspect every freight delivery before signing for it. If there is any concern about damage or loss, bring it to the driver’s attention. Note any missing packages and open and inspect any damaged packages with the driver. Make a note on all copies of the delivery documents.

For a freight claim, the recipient should contact UPS Freight immediately to file a claim. They have online resources with important information for you to review at . DMP Customer Service does not typically assist in this process; however, you should still contact us to inform us of any damage or shortage. We can send out replacement product, but please keep in mind, you will be invoiced for the replacement and should consider placing any order on a new PO. UPS will pay the freight claim to whomever files the documents, so no credit would be issued by DMP.


Can more than one person in my company receive shipping notifications?
No. Unfortunately, our system only allows one email address for shipping notifications. Your company would need to consider using a group mail box or setting up a rule to auto-forward these notifications to multiple users.

Can I change who gets a notification on each order?
No. The email address can be updated if necessary but cannot be changed on a per-order basis.

How can I get a copy of the packing list?
DMP does not use a packing list. All orders ship with the original bill of lading (BOL). The only copy of the BOL is included in the first box of the order. If the document is lost or missing, it is possible for our Accounting Department to provide a copy of the invoice instead.

Can I get tracking numbers online by logging into or Dealer Admin™?
Not currently. Tracking numbers are only sent via email to the notification email address in our system for your company.

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