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Announcing the New 734B Financial Access Control Solution

Creating a Safer ATM Environment

Financial institutions require security solutions that limit access to ATM vestibules to customers with a valid bank card. To meet those applications, DMP is pleased to introduce a new member of its 734 Series.

The new 734B BIN Code - Access Control Module is designed specifically to process a customer’s four- to six-digit Bank Identification Number (BIN) to control access to ATM vestibules with swipe based magstripe readers. In addition to vestibules, this module gives financial customers the flexibility to have BIN access elsewhere in their banking centers.

Like each of DMP’s access control modules, the 734B connected to an XR Series panel delivers the powerful built-in access control features, such as schedules and remote locking. This gives financial institutions the flexibility to schedule an ATM vestibule to be locked during banking hours and unlocked for their customers’ convenience when banks are closed. Other features include the ability to run reports, make users inactive and use Entré or Virtual Keypad™ Access to easily change BIN codes.

These features are available whether the BIN codes are programmed as user codes and either processed at the panel or processed locally from the access control module. For added flexibility, the 734B can also be programmed as a standalone system without requiring a panel.

“Banks can take advantage of the feature sets that come with an integrated panel, which allows them to tailor their access control needs,” says Justin Norris, product manager for DMP Access Control. “This is an exciting new product that we are very happy to add to our stable of financial institution applications.”

In combination with a magstripe reader, the new 734B module gives financial centers the ability to protect their valuable infrastructure while offering their customers convenient banking that’s secure. For more information, please refer to the 734B Installation and Programming Guide LT-1952. For pricing information, please log in to to view the Latest Price Notifications and Updates. For sourcing information on compatible readers or other questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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