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Create and Complete Service Request Tickets with Dealer Admin™ & Tech APP™

Keeping track of your service requests doesn’t have to be a headache. New updates to Dealer Admin and Tech APP make servicing customers a cinch. Now, you can schedule service requests in Dealer Admin. As a result, technicians can receive and complete their service requests directly in the Tech APP.

Service Request is a new option in Dealer Admin 2.20, located on the Customer Summary page. Once you select the appropriate technician and service date, press Save. The new jobs will be available when technicians open their Tech APP. If plans change, simply go to Tools > Service Request Dashboard where you can view, edit, close, or delete service requests.

Maintaining a service request is just as easy for technicians in the Tech App. Simply open the Tech App and tap My Service Requests on the home screen to pull up your To Do List. To mark a request as closed, select the service request from the To Do List. Press Close Request to close the job and remove it from your To Do List.

Your business relies on good communication for the best customer service. Together, Dealer Admin and Tech APP work in tandem to make your service calls that much more organized and efficient.

For more information, please review Dealer Admin Version 2.20 and Tech APP Version 2.2.6 Feature Update TU-1081.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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