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DMP Introduces the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Firmware Version 110

For your customers’ convenience and ease of use, DMP is excited to introduce the 7800 Series and 9800 Series Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Version 110. This new keypad firmware gives your customers ease, convenience and customization, all at the touch of a button.

Standard Keyboard Operation

With DMP’s Version 110, you don’t need to be an experienced technician to remember how to key in programming options. Simply push the ABC or Symbols button on the keypad to access different keyboards for uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters, symbols and numbers.

“When your customers want to enter Z-Wave® names, Wi-Fi network names, or passwords, for instance, it’s going to be fast and easy,” says Brian Crouse, product manager of DMP’s Wireless & Keypads. And for your technicians, he adds, “This will allow for quicker onboarding of new technicians - there are very few keyboard codes to memorize.”

Wi-Fi Status Icon

Everything about the new Version 110 is designed for the user’s convenience. For instance, Version 110 features a new icon that reliably confirms if the system is connected to Wi-Fi. This icon, conveniently located at the top of the display, lets customers know at a glance. This feature requires V 172 firmware or above in the XR or XT Series Panels.

Customizable Carousel Menu

In response to your suggestions, we’re also pleased to provide a customizable carousel menu. Now your customers won’t need to scroll through options they don’t want shown on their menu screen.

“All they have to do is turn it off, and it won’t appear in the menu,” Crouse explains. “Now, the carousel isn’t crowded with options the end user doesn’t care about.”

Read more in the complete Technical Update (TU-0924).

Watch this quick video below to see V110 in action.

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