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DMP Introduces the Tech APP V1.4

Automated Panel Programming Faster than Ever

The Tech APP will save your business time and money. Take advantage of the free Tech APP immediately available for download—Apple or Android.

Version 1.4.0 for Android and iOS has many new features and functions:

  • XR150/XR550 Series Remote Panel Programming - access the full programming abilities of Dealer Admin. Read more in TU-0914.
  • Tech Tools now available in the system menu for troubleshooting help.
  • Sensors - retrieve current sensor status
  • Devices - program keypads & see available keypads
  • Outputs - program hardwired and wireless outputs
  • Add user codes
  • Assign profiles

For more details, please view TU-0916.

These new features build on the already powerful capabilities of the APP. Search for a customer. Add a new system. Scan barcodes on panels and other devices to quickly add them to the system. Add sensors, devices, and user codes. Run system tests, and more. Panel programming has never been faster or easier.

Download the APP today!

Explore the Tech APP’s features and functions with these resources:

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.