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DMP Introduces Wireless LED Emergency Lighting

April 10, 2015

One of a Dozen or So DMP Products Introduced at the ISC Show

Visitors to the DMP booth (#23035) at ISC West can get a first look at a wide variety of recently introduced and brand new DMP technology. That includes the DMP 1137 Wireless LED Light. The new light can be activated from a panel output or when an alarm is triggered with the panel bell. The Wireless LED Light can provide emergency indoor path lighting even when AC power is lost or during any other type of emergency.

“A Wireless LED light device integrated with a security system that activates upon an alarm is a new concept in our industry. These little units put out a surprising amount of light, and in an emergency they can be especially helpful in simply seeing what is happening” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. "The DMP 1137 Wireless LED Light is simple to install but can provide a crucial benefit of guiding people out of residential or commercial building during an emergency, even if power is lost.”

1137 lighting can be installed virtually anywhere, and their thin, modern design complements any decor. The 1137 can be placed low on staircases, high on walls to light up an entire room, or even on ceilings directing light down a hallway. The 1137 is a convenient affordable alternative to Z-wave light modules. The 1137 Wireless LED emergency light uses two AA Lithium batteries that are designed to be replaced by the consumer.

Other new products showcased in this year’s booth include new features for end users, new tools for dealers, more wireless devices, and a focus on panel and video communications.

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