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June 10, 2015

CellComSLCF Now Shipping!

We are excited to launch the highly anticipated CellComSLCF Universal Fire Alarm Cellular Communicator. The CellComSLCF provides fully supervised alarm communication over CDMA networks and is NFPA approved for commercial fire applications.

The primary function of this cellular unit is to provide alarm dealers with a fire solution to update existing customer panels or takeovers. Dealers don’t have to worry about lock-out codes; they can just add the DMP CellComSLCF unit onto the existing ‘dialer’ installations and benefit from DMP Alarm features. Panic, Fire and Burglar signals will be sent to DMP receivers with full reporting capabilities.

“In the event of fire, it’s essential to have a fast, reliable communication path from the panel to the Central Station,” said Vice President of Product Design, Jeff Britton. “When the CellComSL series of universal alarm communicators was introduced, it created an easy upgrade path to provide older panels with all the benefits of cellular communication. The new CellComSLCF takes those benefits a step further by adding the ability to use the communicator in commercial fire systems.”

Once installed, the communicator captures the Contact ID, and forwards it to the selected Central Station using the account number entered by the installer. The communicator can also be connected to the host panel using four zone inputs or even monitor the alarm bell output to sense the bell cadence.

Full CellComSLCF system programming over cell is available using Virtual Link which includes zone information and Central Station communications. Virtual Link allows companies to deploy CellComSL's at an accelerated rate, quickly programming them from the same website that activates the unit, to keep up with the demand of 2G upgrade requirements.

The CellComSLCF meets the NFPA 72 standard for single communications technology and can be added to most existing panels.

The CellComSL Cellular Universal Communicator family of products consists of:

  • CellComSLC - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Burglary Panel
  • CellComSLCZ - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Burglary Panel, with Z-Wave
  • CellComSLCF - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Commercial Fire Panel

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.