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DMP Releases XR Series V183 Feature Update

In addition to DMP’s incredibly low monthly pricing for Virtual Keypad Access and its incredibly low hardware pricing, the combined solution is getting more powerful. Now you can program the panel to support up to seven concurrent card formats in addition to DMP card format. Whether customers are using Virtual Keypad Access™ or Entré™ for access control, this week’s XR 183 panel firmware update allows you to customize up to eight different card formats for compatibility with what your customers are using. This greatly expands your flexibility to easily use a format that your customers are already using without replacing existing cards.

To use multi-card formats, you must have the latest 734s with Level D hardware. The 734N-POE will begin shipping after Jan. 8, and the 734 and 734N will begin shipping after Jan. 14.

Other features in the XR 183 Update include:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Zone Type and Temporal 4 Bell Cadence
Now all XR panels also have a carbon monoxide (CO) zone type and Temporal 4 bell cadence. In the event that a customer’s carbon monoxide detector goes into alarm, having this dedicated zone gives monitoring centers the ability to use automation rules to summon the appropriate help. Plus, the new Temporal 4 bell cadence identifies the emergency for individuals on the premises.

738T Support for XR150/XR550
Also with this update, the XR150/XR550 now support the 738T Wireless Translator. This allows you to upgrade Honeywell, Interlogix, or 2GIG wireless transmitters without replacing the wireless sensors. The 738T should be wired to the keypad bus of XR Series panels and cannot be used on an LX Bus.

In the field, technicians can easily switch between 319.5 and 345 MHz by a button press on the device. Transmitters that have been learned into the 738T are able to send supervision, alarm, tamper, and low battery messages to the panel.

New Door Propped Push Notifications
If Door Propped is enabled for a zone, a push notification will now be sent to the user’s mobile device along with the monitoring center. A buzzer first annunciates at the keypad, followed by notifications to the user and monitoring center.

Please review the instructions available in this Feature Update. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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