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DMP White Paper: Understanding Multi-Card Formats

How to Make Sure Your Customers' Cards are Compatible with DMP

In January, we released the XR Series Version 183 feature update and the new 734 modules. Together, these delivered the option for multi-card formats - allowing you to customize up to seven different card formats with what your customers are already using, in addition to the DMP card format.

We know that this new feature is generating a lot of curiosity, so we created a white paper to answer your questions and provide a little more insight. This white paper will address the following topics:

  • Card Format Basics
  • Standard 26-Bit Format
  • Proprietary Cards
  • How to Confirm Your Customer's Card Format
  • What Card Technology are Your Customer's Using?
  • Low-Frequency Technology
  • High-Frequency Technology
  • Reader Outputs

For questions or more information, please contact one of our Inside Sales Representatives at or call us at 1-800-641-4282.

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