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Entré Expands With 8.7.3 Update

Whether you’re managing thousands of panels or only a few, Entré 8.7.3 expands with several enhancements so you can more easily make the additions or edits you need to.

New Features

Hardware List Mirrored Functionality
To add or edit panels, now you have all the options you need not only in the Hardware Tree but also in the Hardware List. With this release, we’ve taken all of the features and functionality that previously were only available in the Hardware Tree, and we’ve incorporated them all into the Hardware List — reorganized so it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Create Areas, Zones and More All From the Panel Screen
Now you can also do a lot more from the Panel screen. Besides adding panels, you can also configure the panel, adjust settings and create areas and zones, all on this one page.

Personnel Management
Updating personnel records is easier than ever! When you delete a personnel record, from now on, Entré will automatically delete any associated credentials. There’s no need to take any other steps to update the record — as soon as you delete it, the badge or key fob are automatically revoked.

Reassign Zone to a Different Area
From the Panel screen, now you can also reassign zones to different areas without first deleting them on another page. Now in the same edit window, you can easily move the zone from one area to the other.

Disallow Driver Functions Per Operator Profile
For greater security, you can enable or disable functions for each driver. We’ve added this security enhancement to operator profiles so you can control who has authority to start or stop a panel or any of the drivers.

Added CSV Wizard Capabilities
In addition to being able to add personnel records and their associated data, now we’ve added a column so you can also modify and delete personnel records and associated data.

Entré 8.7.3 Improvements

Use Next Available Profile Number and User Number
When you add users or profiles, Entré now searches the database first to see if there are any unused numbers available rather than assigning the next sequential number. Unused records embedded in a database don’t present an issue unless you’re managing systems nearing 10,000 users. Nevertheless, when pulling reports from the panel, this change ensures that your database continues to reflect the actual number of active users and profiles.

Window Scaling
With this update, Entré accommodates all different screen sizes and resolutions. Regardless of which module is opened, Entré automatically scales the window to fit the screen resolution.

Version 8.7.3 also includes other improvements. To learn more, see the Entré Version 8.7.3 (10/13/20) technical update.

To upgrade Entré 8.7.3, please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-7832. For additional information, please visit

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