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Entré Now Supports New Private Door Option, Card Plus Pin by Area and Much More!

Get ready for new panel features that add even greater flexibility through Entré. Now, for instance, Entré supports the XR Version 202 feature that allows you to create private access doors without assigning them to an access area.

Private Door Programming
This feature allows you to apply Private Doors to profiles on a user-by-user basis. Supervisors and their staff members can share one profile for access to the same office, for instance, without using any of the system’s areas. You can have up to four Private Doors per profile and grant access to those doors based on the profile’s schedules.

Card Plus Pin by Area on XR550 Encrypted Panels
With this release, Entré also gives you the full benefit of another new feature released with the XR Series’ Version 202 firmware update. Now, XR550 encrypted panels not only allow you to assign Card Plus Pin to selected profiles but also to selected areas. This gives customers added flexibility and security by requiring Card Plus Pin only in certain areas and only for selected profiles. Otherwise, if Card Plus Pin isn’t enabled in that profile for other areas, it isn’t required.

Automatic Badge Disable
When you’re ready to install Entré 8.8, you’ll see we’ve included instructions and support documents for setting up and using the Automatic Badge Disable feature from Active Directory — this is available now in all Entré versions.

What does Automatic Badge Disable mean for me?
If you’re using Active Directory, this means you can delete credentials and user codes, and that change will instantly update the panels in Entré. There’s no need to coordinate making those personnel changes with Human Resources. It’s updated in Entré automatically, saving time and more importantly, eliminating any possibility that employees still have access because their records haven’t been updated in both places.

What Else Does Entré 8.8 Add?

Security Enhancements to Application
Security enhancements have been made to the installer and application files.

Mapping in Web Client
Now, if you’re using the Entré Web Client, you’ll have the flexibility to set up, add, edit and delete in the Map Editor module. Previously, this was only available with the standard Entré Client. Now you have the same functionality on both.

Updated Language Support
As we continue to update language support, Entré now supports Dutch.

Obtaining the New Software
Version 8.8 is provided to dealers who have previously purchased an Entré license, are current with their Entré support agreement and who have an Entré Certified Technician. To upgrade Entré 8.8, please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-7832. For additional information, please visit

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Please review the technical documents linked below:

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