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Expanded EOL Range on All 714-8 Zone Expanders

To make takeovers easier, you have asked for an expander that’s compatible with different EOL resistor values. With this hardware update, we’re happy to announce that all 714-8 Zone Expanders are now manufactured with Level E hardware to support expanded EOL range of 1k up to 4.7k ohm.

What Does This Mean for You?

The 714-8 provides an additional eight supervised zones for connecting burglary and non-powered fire alarm initiating devices to the panel.

The 714-8 expands your options to take over systems with 2.2k, 3.3k and 4.7k without having to pull contacts and change the EOL resistors. This saves time and allows you to connect to the updated panel with no programming changes required. In addition to fast installations, the 714-8 also reduces the cost of takeovers.

Obtaining the New Hardware
To order the new 714-8 Zone Expander with updated Level E hardware, contact DMP Customer Service at 866-266-2826 or visit For more information, see the 714-8 Zone Expanders Level E Hardware Update TU-1143.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.