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November 07, 2014

SecureCom Dealers now receive FREE cellular activations as part of this discount program as of July 30, 2014. For more information download this flyer.

Dealers can rest assured that their installations are virtually future proof with the latest cellular communication technology. As a reminder, here is information on several update programs in effect to assist SecureCom Wireless dealers as they replace older 2G cellular technology:

  • Any XT panel with a built-in GSM cell module can be updated to remove the GSM module and have the plug-on cell connector added for Free, with reduced pricing on new hardware!
  • Any existing 263G cell module can be updated to a 263C, or 463G updated to a 463C module for $49.
  • Any existing 263G cell module can be replaced with a new 263H module for $109. A 463G can be replaced with either a new 464-263C for $99 or a new 464-263H for $109.
  • Any XTL panel can be updated to a XTLC panel for $49.

Learn more about the CellComSL Universal Alarm Communicator:

The DMP CellComSL provides a fully supervised alarm communication path over the CDMA network. The primary function of this cellular unit is to provide alarm dealers with a solution to update existing panels whether in need of upgraded cell network or new lifestyle features for that older panel. You don’t have to worry about locked panels; your installers can just add the DMP CellComSL unit onto the existing ‘dialer’ installations and with Contact-ID dialer capture immediately gets full alarm communication directly into your DMP receivers. Not only can you add updated cellular connection but you can also add Lifestyle features like Z-Wave lights, locks & thermostat control along with video all controlled from an App or text messaging.


Installing a CellComSL unit is quick and easy; after it's installed monitoring companies can easily forward alarm communication to their own central station by programming in their own account number, you don't need access to the existing panel programming. Secondly, adding the CellComSL with Z-Wave opens lots of options for upgrade opportunities with lights, locks & thermostats and Camera control which adds the features that consumers are asking for and more importantly, more RMR.

  • Upgrade your own older 2G systems and grow your account base with other existing installations.
  • Offer additional monthly services for Z-Wave control or just basic arming and disarming Virtual Keypad App control.
  • Customize the App with your information so customers can easily call for additional equipment or services.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.