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Graphic Touchscreen Keypads Updated to Version 204

Updated Screen Layouts Make It More Intuitive Than Ever

Whether it’s part of a daily routine or an unexpected event, now it’s even easier to manage a DMP system using our graphic touchscreen keypad. Version 204 introduces several improvements for the Touchscreen Keypad Series that streamline the screen layouts for better organization and faster keystrokes.

For example, the Home button and other main controls are all prioritized to the right-hand side of the screen so your finger stays primarily in the same location. Version 204 also includes enhancements to the Z-Wave user interface, using a consistent look and feel for each screen so it’s even more intuitive to manage lights, locks, thermostats and other Z-Wave devices.

With Version 204, the keypad graphics also match what customers are seeing on their Virtual Keypad app. Whether they’re using their app or keypad, both draw from the same standard library of icons for quick recognition.

Some customers prefer using the Virtual Keypad app to manage their security systems — they like its on-the-go convenience, and the intuitive icons and lists make controlling their systems easy. With Version 204, customers can have that same easy-to-use experience at the keypad.

For more information, please refer to 7800, 7801 and 9800 Series Graphic Touchscreen Keypads Feature Update Version 204 TU-1126. If you have any questions or concerns about implementing this firmware update, contact DMP Technical Support at 1.888.436.7832 or

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