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Introducing DMP Virtual Keypad™ Access at ISC West

Tomorrow marks the start of the ISC West show in Las Vegas where DMP will showcase its new and existing products. Today in Las Vegas, DMP is hosting its annual Owners Forum and will offer attendees a preview of those showcased products. Among them is DMP's Virtual Keypad Access, available now to provide the flexibility of Cloud-based access control.

“Virtual Keypad Access is maintained via the Cloud, which gives consumers the flexibility to remotely manage their own systems, or it can be managed for them by their dealers,” explains DMP’s Marketing Executive Director Mark Hillenburg. “And because it’s maintained via the Cloud, both you and your customer benefit from not having to worry about maintenance costs, down time or applying software updates.”

Users now have the flexibility to manage access control wherever they are. For instance, here are a few Virtual Keypad Access features:

  • Holiday Dates – Now your business customers can adjust their normal opening and closing schedules on special occasions throughout the year. From the System Overview page, select schedules from the menu, then Holiday Dates to adjust opening and closing times by hours or by days.
  • Lockdown – This is available for XR150/XR550 panels by clicking the Lockdown button. All door devices programmed as a public door and Z-Wave® Locks will lock or unlock on the system with a single click.
  • Credentials Management - Users may have more than one way to interact with their system — they might have a user code they type in at the keypad, and they may also have a proximity card or token they use at an access control reader. Previously in this case, there would’ve been two different users. Now, simply by selecting the Users tab from System Overview, you can create and edit user codes and credentials all in one record. This credentialing makes data entry faster and easier to manage.
  • Manage Multiple Systems - Business owners appreciate the ability to manage their security from a browser, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. They can easily access multiple business locations by choosing the desired system from the dropdown list.

Physical access control and intrusion has never been easier! You also can create customized offerings that include user management, video integration, schedules, and reporting capabilities. The list goes on, but just remember, now you can add fully featured access control with an intuitive Cloud-based user interface to your intrusion installs for a fraction of the cost of traditional access control.

For more details, please view TU-0972 or view the Virtual Keypad Access spec sheet.

Learn more in this short video series.

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