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Introducing Reporting Capabilities for

September 04, 2015

System Reporting has never been so easy!

End-users can now access reporting capabilities on their system(s) via the browser. Dealers simply need to enable the Reports Tab for the account and end-users simply click on the reports tab which provides one of the many pre-defined reports called “Quick Reports” or create reports that are customized by system, type of event and date range. The reports are viewable on screen or exported in either CSV or PDF formats. This powerful new feature is completely controllable by the dealer to offer it to their clients how they choose.

If you would like to make this feature available to users, you will need to enable reports for each system and app user.

Quick Reports for End-Users

  • Today’s System Events – all system events for today’s date
  • All Troubles and Alarms - last 60 days of all troubles and alarms
  • All Systems Users – current list of users from the system
  • Arming/Disarming Exceptions - last 60 days of the following events:
    • Late to Open
    • Early to Close
    • Late to Close Custom Reports
  • Systems – select the system(s) for the report
  • Type - All events or specific events for the report
  • Range - Today (default) or choose from the drop down list

Please read this important Technical Update:

  • Browser, Version 1.7 TU-0811

Effective August 21, 2015, the™ Browser has been updated to Version 1.7 and includes these features.

Also New Reporting Capabilities for

System Reports for Dealers

Virtual Link™ is the programming section of the dealer website. Within this section you will find the new “System Reports” feature, making it easier for Dealers or Central Stations to investigate system events or provide customer with reports. This tool provides three reporting options, viewable on screen or output in either CSV and PDF formats and organized:

  • By user
  • Event within a date range
  • By profile

Please read this important Technical Update:

  •, Version 1.3.1 TU-0809

Effective August 12, 2015, the Dealer Admin Site has been updated to Version 1.3.1.

Dealers have the freedom to decide what you’d like to offer your customer. If you’d like them to be able to run their own reports in, just enable reports. If you prefer to manage and distribute reports as needed, you can retain that ability. Either way, it’s never been easier to view system information.

For more information, please login to or, or watch the short video below.

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