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Introducing the DMP Blog

Introducing the DMP Blog

March 08, 2017

A new resource for DMP Dealers

DMP is excited to introduce the DMP Blog - a blog written by DMP employees to share thoughts, ideas, and information about everything DMP with our customers.

To learn more about the DMP Blog, read the first post written by Mark Hillenburg, DMP Executive Director of Marketing...

"You may be asking yourself why DMP needs a blog. Probably a good question. Part of my responsibility is to promote our products and protect our brand. As a long-time DMP employee, I think the company has an interesting story and a great culture. As for the leadership position we enjoy within the alarm industry and for our many well-respected alarm dealers, to that end, we occasionally need a place to talk about our position on industry issues. In part, sharing some of our culture with customers helps us all understand how and why we do things.

Although we have a full list of White Papers and Case Studies and other content, sometimes a topic does not require such formality.

So, today we are launching a new section of the DMP web site dedicated to the blog. A number of authors will post thoughtful, engaging content that you may find valuable. At DMP we try to make sure we listen to the needs of our customers and respond to them with innovative solutions. Therefore, we don’t want this blog to be a one-way conversation. We would love for you to join in, comment, and add to the discussion..."

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