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January 14, 2016

With Version 1.9 update to™, and the XR550, your customers can now manage their Intrusion, Access, Video & Automation Management Systems from a simple powerful interface on their phone, tablet or browser. Providing up to 96 doors of Access Control, DMP offers not only the best cloud-platform but the most economical one!

End users already have the ability to remotely control their security system with their cellular or internet connection. By enabling Advanced Reports* in the Dealer Admin site, you can offer End users real-time access control status with custom reports via the Virtual Keypad App and Your customers can now access three new event types with their XR Series access and intrusion panels:

  • Door Access Report– Lists Access Denied and/or Access Granted for the selected Users and Doors.
  • Door Status – Lists the status of the selected Door(s) for a selected Range.
  • Output Status – Lists the status of the selected Output(s) for a selected Range

*Please login to to view the SecureCom Wireless price list for Advanced Reporting. also displays real-time door and output status right to your desktop, which means you are never caught off guard. already supports: Multi-System Administration, Arming, Users, Schedules, Automation, Outputs, Actions, Cameras, History, and Reports.

Powerful features like advanced reports capabilities and real-time door status that put you in complete control, are a part of what makes the My Virtual Keypad browser and the Virtual Keypad app the industry’s most powerful cloud-based Intrusion, Access, Video & Automation Management platform.

Please read this important Technical Update:

  •™ Browser, Version 1.9 TU-0835

Effective January 12, 2016, the™ Browser has been updated to Version 1.9.


  • Real-time Status Messages: Please see the Technical Update for (TU-0834) for more information on Advance Reports options. This feature is compatible with the XR150/XR550 series control panels operating with Version 110 or higher firmware.
    • Reports
    • Automation

Learn more about v1.9 with the video below: - Advance Reporting from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.

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