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October 20, 2015

Managing multiple DMP systems has just become incredibly easy for your customers! DMP Dealers can now give end users multi-system administration that allows an authorized person to administer App Users, System Users, System Schedules and more for multiple panels or sites via a single screen online. The creation of groups allows for faster administration of these items, by allowing systems or sites to be grouped together by state, county, physical location, or any grouping method you determine. Systems can be included in more than one group. This latest release enables administrators to add or delete users quickly in multiple panels without having to go into each panel individually.

This is a powerful on-line tool that every company with multiple locations and systems will appreciate and enjoy once you make this feature available to users. Dealers need to enable Users and Schedules for each system and app user. Once the dealer activates the administrators profile, the end user can simply create a group of the existing systems enabling the administrator to conduct changes to the entire group of systems at once. Some of these administration capabilities, such as managing users and schedules, are also available on the Virtual Keypad App, giving end users control while on the go.

Please read these important Technical Updates:

  •, Version 1.4.0 TU-0817

NOTE: In addition to Multi-System Administration, the Dealer Admin Site 1.4.0 now supports remote firmware updates over a network connection for the following systems:

  • XR550/XR350/XR150 Network panels
  • XT30/XT50 Network panels version 123 firmware or higher and using Level M hardware
  • iComSL communicator

It also supports the recently advertised XTL Fast Programing. The option has been added to the Side Navigation Menu to select basic 'fast' programming options for the XTLC/XTLN Version 123 (8/27/15) firmware without having to navigate all the various programming menus.

Effective September 23, 2015, the Dealer Admin Site has been updated to Version 1.4.0.

  •, Version 1.8 TU-0821
  • Virtual Keypad App for Apple iPad/iPhone, Version 4.8 TU-0819

Effective October 2015, the™ Browser (Version 1.8) and Virtual Keypad App (Version 4.8) have been updated and includes the Multi-System Administration features.

For more information, please login to or watch the short video below. - Multi-System Administration from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.

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