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June 23, 2016

Take advantage of some significantly lower pricing from SecureCom Wireless: No overages. A Flat Rate Plan for XR Series Panels is now available, as well as a Backup Rate Plan for use with the XT and XTLplus Series Panels. These plans are new lower-priced options for panels communicating as Wi-Fi primary or that only use cellular backup. Login here to find the updated SecureCom Wireless Price List with the new updated pricing.

Please read these important Feature Updates:

  • Dealer Admin Site (, Version 1.4.8 TU-0853

Effective June 17, 2016, the Dealer Admin Site ( is updated to Version 1.4.8.

  • Remote Link™, Version 1.79 TU-0850

Effective July 1, 2016, all Remote Link™ software is being manufactured as Version 1.79 (6/22/16). If your current Remote Link™ software is previous to Version 1.46, update to Version 1.59 before updating to 1.79 (6/22/16).


  • App Connection Type: With Version 1.4.8, EasyConnect + Cell Backup is available as a new Virtual Keypad App™ connection type.
  • Backup and XR Cellular Rate Plans: With Version 1.79, the “Backup: Back-up communication, flat rate” rate plan is available for XT and XR Series panels. This plan has been available since January 2016 for XT Series panels and has now been extended to XR Series panels. The “XR: Flat Rate, No Overages, Includes Daily Test and O/C” rate plan is now available for XR Series panels with a primary cellular path. This rate plan includes a daily test, as well as opening and closing reports. Similar to the XT and XTL rate plans, the XR rate plan is set at a flat rate and does not incur overage charges.

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