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Pre-Programmable Zone Expansion Modules

Pre-Programmable Zone Expansion Modules
Available Now for Even Faster Installations

The less time your technicians spend programming panels, the quicker they can finish the job and move on to the next one. Here’s a new way to help you do exactly that when the job calls for zone expansion modules.

Serial Number Instead of Rotary Switches
With this release, DMP’s 711S Zone Expansion Modules are now programmed into the panel via a 10-digit serial number. This means you’ll be able to pre-program the modules ahead of time. Then at the job site, your technicians just install and test the equipment — they don't have to waste time programming any information. If programming on-site, simply scan the barcode into Zone Information with the Tech APP, and the modules are ready to go.

Compared to the time spent addressing the modules with rotary switches — plus the time it takes to train your technicians — this solution can give you a definite way to reduce your labor expenses and installation time.

Read the Hardware Update
For more details, please review the Hardware Update linked above. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Technical Support at 888-436-7832 or

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