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You have a simple solution to the 2G-technology sunset. Instead of replacing your customers’ existing systems, the DMP CellCom Universal Alarm Communicator offers an easy upgrade that will provide them with the much-desired, cell-enabled mobile features available in the most current panels, while providing you with new RMR.

To help you install the communicator and program the panels, here is a library of helpful how-to training videos. Each of these videos provides step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions covering some of the most common installation processes.

Some of the first titles in the library include:

  • Dry-Contact Output (5:10 min) - Shows how to connect the communicator to an existing panel using dry-contact outputs.
  • Bell Output (4:40) - Shows how to connect the communicator to the 12 VDC Bell output of an existing control panel.
  • Contact ID Dialer Capture (4:15) - Shows how to connect the communicator to an existing 12VDC dialer control panel.

All videos include instruction on how to program the panel and communicator for cellular communication.
A reminder of the new low pricing that is now in effect:
All CellComSL activations are now only $15 when activated using the CellComSL Rate Plan.
Any CellComSL is now $20 less when you buy at least 25 at a time, and $30 less when you buy 50 at a time.

On top of that when you buy 25 or more CellComSLs, receive an additional $5 off the new lower activation fee.

That makes CellComSLs available for as low as $109 with a $10 activation. It's time to get your 2G & POTS upgrade plan in motion.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.