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Version 193 Now Available for XR Panels

Welcome to XR Series Version 193

Earlier this month, you may recall we released XT Series Version 193, giving you the flexibility to change the EOL Value from 1k to 2.2k for panel zones 1 – 9. Now, you have that same time-saving feature with Version 193 on XR Series panels, allowing you to use zones 1-8 to takeover a system and easily program it to whichever resistor value you need.

Also with XR Series Version 193, you can delay Custom Actions up to four hours before they’re triggered. And you have the option to receive a notification each time a specific Custom Action is triggered. If you’ve created a Custom Action to close the garage door when it’s been open longer than 30 minutes, for instance, you’ll now receive confirmation when it closes. Or, if the back door of a business is left propped open, a Custom Action can be programmed to send a notification after a designated timeframe or sound an alarm.

User Information With Door Events
Now door events sent from the Tech APP, key fobs and keypads all include user information. Whenever and however a door event is triggered, now you’ll be able to view who’s triggering the event in real time.

Fire Panel Testing
As part of the required testing on fire panels with a cellular-only communication path, Version 193 now creates an easy way to simulate the communication failure to activate the required local annunciation. A keypad connected to the panel will annunciate the communication trouble within the required 200 seconds, making it AHJ friendly.

Other Version 193 Enhancements:

Random Installer Codes for Compliance and Tighter Security
With this firmware release, XR Series panels will provide a new means of authentication as an added security feature. Panels will ship with a unique four- to five-digit pre-programmed installer code printed on the serial number label in parentheses just to the right of the Serial Number. The code will allow the installer access to the panel, just like the Default User Code (99) has previously.

DMP is making this change for compliance in California with Senate Bill 327. The bill requires manufacturers to equip IP devices with a new means of authentication before access is granted for the first time. Click here to read this article for more details.

While this brings DMP into compliance in California, having this unique code tightens security on all customers’ XR Series panels by protecting them from unauthorized access. This same provision is coming soon with the XT Series Version 194 release.

Celsius Temperature Option
Customers now have the option to display Celsius temperatures on their Z-Wave thermostats instead of Fahrenheit. You can program this panel change using the keypad, as well as the Virtual Keypad app and website.

For more details about the XR panel firmware, please review TU-1119. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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