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Version 201 Now Available for XR Panels

Plus New Custom Action Enhancements, Improved Virtual Keypad Reporting and Much More

Starting today, you can begin taking advantage of the XR Version 201 panel features. When upgrading cellular communicators from CDMA or HSPA to LTE, for instance, activating new communicators is automatic. As soon as you install the new unit, a message will be sent to the SecureCom server to automatically deactivate the SIM number of the old communicator and activate the SIM number of the new one. A communication test to the monitoring center is automatically generated, and the LTE conversion and existing rate plan are carried forward in Dealer Admin.

What Does This Mean for You?
This Quick Cell Conversion process means there’s no activation required. Simply install the unit, and everything else is automatically done for you. You can complete the LTE upgrade in a matter of minutes.

“Activation-Ready” LTE Communicators
To make every LTE install faster, now all LTE units ever shipped from DMP are “activation ready.” For new systems, this means you follow the normal process of creating the account and selecting the rate plan, and as soon as you’re ready, the units immediately activate on AT&T or Verizon’s networks and are ready to communicate data. Whether you’re using the Tech APP™, Dealer Admin™ or calling SecureCom Customer Service, there’s no waiting on the carrier to complete the provisioning process.

Faster activations mean faster installs and broaden your coverage while maximizing your technicians’ time. In fact, your newer technicians with less experience can make the upgrade by following a few simple instructions. At the same time, you can depend on your trained technicians for new system installs or system upgrades. This panel change helps make conversions to LTE easy, broadening your coverage while maximizing your technicians’ time.

Custom Action Enhancements
Virtual Keypad users love the Custom Actions feature and being able to trigger multiple Z-Wave devices any time motion is detected in a selected zone. Whenever someone rings the doorbell after dark, for instance, the front porch light can be triggered to turn on. Version 201 expands that capability. Now system events such as arming or disarming, fire alarms and panic alarms can also trigger custom actions. There’s no need to choose a zone — when your system is armed, for instance, you now can trigger those multiple Z-Wave devices and schedule them for specific days and times.

Improved Reporting for Virtual Keypad
With XR Series Version 201, user code information has been added to specific system event notifications, such as Arming/Disarming, Door Access or any other event that requires a user code. Now, if two people on the same system are logged in at the same time to the Virtual Keypad app or Dealer Admin, regardless of which software they’re using, the panel will now provide user code information to ensure that the person who triggers an event is accurately shown.

To take advantage of Version 201’s features, you’ll need these software updates:

  • Virtual Keypad Version 6.25 Supports Custom Action enhancements.
  • Virtual Keypad Website Version 2.24 Supports Custom Action enhancements.

For firmware details, please review TU-1139. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.