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Version 202 Now Available for XR Panels

Welcome to XR Version 202

Get ready for new panel features that add even greater flexibility to DMP’s access control! Now, for instance, you can create private access doors without assigning them to an access area.

New Private Door Option
This new feature allows you to apply Private Doors to profiles on a user-by-user basis. Supervisors and their staff members can share one profile for access to the same office, for instance, without using any of the system’s 32 areas. You can have up to four Private Doors per profile and grant access to those doors based on the profile’s schedules.

734N/734N-POE Event Buffer Support
If your network is down temporarily and communication with the panel is intermittent, now your customers will still have a complete audit trail for all access granted events, even those that occurred while it was down. Now the XR panels allow DMP’s 734N and 734N-POE Access Control Modules to store those events locally. As soon as communication is reestablished, those events are automatically sent to the panel and inserted into the event buffer according to the actual time they occurred. These events are also sent via Virtual Keypad™ as well as to central station receivers with the time at which each message was generated.

Card + Pin by Area on XR550 Encrypted Panels
For greater customization of DMP’s access control system, now the XR550 encrypted panel allows the Card + Pin feature to be assigned not only to selected profiles, but also to selected areas. This option gives customers the added flexibility and security to require Card + Pin only in certain areas and only for selected profiles. If Card + Pin isn’t enabled in that profile for other areas, it won’t be required.

Other XR Version 202 Release Enhancements

PIR Walk Test Remote Command
With XR Series 202, you can now initiate a PIR Walk Test remotely from Dealer Admin or the Tech APP. This test works similarly to the Wireless Walk Test and Standard Walk Test. The PIR needs to be tripped in order to test properly. The PIR LED with flash each time motion is detected for up to 30 minutes.

Removal of Messaging Setup
For all panels with firmware Version 202 and higher, Messaging Setup has been removed from panel programming and is no longer supported. However, in Dealer Admin, you can set customers up to receive push notifications or email messages for panel events through Virtual Keypad.

Automatic Prompt for New Wi-Fi Password
Changing Wi-Fi passwords periodically is a best practice to avert hackers. But some users may not be aware that their systems’ internet connection to their monitoring centers has failed as a result of making that change. With this release, we’ve added a message at our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline Series keypads prompting users to reestablish that connection by entering their new passwords. As soon as they do, the panel automatically connects to Wi-Fi.

Supporting Software Updates

  • Dealer Admin Version 2.46 - Supports Card+Pin By Area, Private Door and the PIR Walk Test.
  • Tech APP Version 2.8.0 - Supports Private Door and the PIR Walk Test.
  • Virtual Keypad Website Version 2.25.0 - Supports Private Door feature.

For more details about the XR panel firmware, please review TU-1161. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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