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Adds Long List of New Features to Workhorse DMP Panel

The latest upgrade to the DMP XR100/XR500 Command Processor™ Panel software is now available. Version 206 software is a major upgrade that includes over a half dozen new features and a comparable number of engineering improvements. Regular software upgrades like Version 206 ensure that your customers equipped with XR100/XR500 panels can continue to incorporate new security features without the need to replace their hardware.

"When dealers install a DMP panel, they know that they can expect it to provide long, reliable service," said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. "Not only is the hardware built to last, the panels are designed for regular upgrades to incorporate new security features and to interface with the latest devices. Combined with the forward and backward compatibility that's engineered into every DMP panel, dealers installing DMP panels like the XR100/XR500 can assure customers of a good return on their security investment."

Major changes included in the Version 206 release include:

  • Technicians now have the ability to program 734 Wiegand Interface Modules locally or via Remote LinkTM as part of panel programming.
  • It's now possible to create a full-time connection via a dedicated Network port to Entré clients or third party integration. There is no longer a need to 'disconnect' when sending messages to the Central Station, AES Encryption, check-ins and a backup IP address are also supported.
  • Device Setup programming now allows real-time door status messages to be sent to PC Log and Entré software. Messages are sent anytime the panel turns the door relay ON or OFF. The concurrent communication allows AES encrypted strings, offers no need to 'disconnect' to send messages to the Central Station, and supports check-ins and a backup IP address.
  • For network and cell messages, encryption has been upgraded from 8- to 16-digit passphrase, providing enhanced security.
  • The 1100R repeater now transmits an open zone after three (3) minutes if unplugged from the wall or if AC power is
    not present or low.

The Version 206 upgrade also provides significantly faster future panel software updates.

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