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XT Panel Update Adds Options for Easy Takeovers, User Convenience

Welcome to XT Version 193

With XT Version 193, you now have the flexibility to change the EOL Value from 1k to 2.2k for panel zones 1 – 9. This time-saving feature is a simple programming option that lets you use an XT panel to takeover a system and program it to whichever resistor value you need.

Custom Action Enhancements:
Version 193 also adds an option to delay a Custom Action up to four hours before it’s triggered. At home, for instance, you can create a Custom Action for the Z-Wave garage door and program it to close after a 30-minute delay. Or at work, you can create a Custom Action to sound an alarm or send a notification after five minutes if the back door is propped open.

Another option made available in Version 193 is receiving a notification each time a specific Custom Action is triggered. When that garage door closes, for instance, you’ll receive confirmation so there’s no reason to wonder if you closed it before leaving. Or, if a DVR is programmed to record when motion is tripped, now you also have the option to receive a notification any time that happens.

Other Version 193 Features:

Support for Seven Wireless Keypads
The XTL Series™ offers the convenience of multiple keypads — we’ve added that same support on the XT30 and XT50 panels, giving customers the ability to add up to seven wireless keypads. If the best cell reception or wireless coverage is on the second floor, that’s not a problem. Install the panel wherever it works and place the wireless keypads exactly where the customer wants them.

Improved ECP Functionality With DMP’s Com™ Series Communicators
The DMP family of universal communicators, the CellComs, DualComs and iComs, enjoy the following new features:

  • When on a VISTA® panel, now you’ll be able to see the panel’s Zone Status in the Virtual Keypad™ app. If there’s a faulted zone, you can also bypass it from the app.
  • Communicators have allowed you to manage the user codes of a VISTA panel. Now, with V193, you can even remotely manage the master code from Dealer Admin™ or Virtual Keypad.
  • Now you can also take advantage of reporting features with a VISTA panel. By turning on the VISTA panel reporting, you’ll receive more information in notifications. When the panel is triggered from the keypad to arm or disarm, for instance, the push notification not only includes the zone information, but it also identifies the user.

To take advantage of XT Version 193’s features, you’ll need Dealer Admin Version 2.26 software update or Virtual Version 2.20.0. The Virtual Keypad Apps for Android and iOS are updated to Version 6.22. For more details about the XT panel firmware, please review TU-1118. For Virtual Keypad (11/19/19) feature update details, please review TU-1114.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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