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Winner of the ESX Maximum Impact Award

The XTL™ Wireless Security Panel has earned this year's ESX Maximum Impact Award in the Alarm Equipment Intrusion Alarm Control Panel category. The award recognizes the business impact of a product or service rather than just its features and functions. The award was presented June 16 at the ESX Electronic Security Expo (owned and sponsored by ESA and CSAA) in Pittsburgh.

"Our most important measure of product success is dealer satisfaction," said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. "When our dealers are happy with a product, as we know they are with the XTL, then we consider that product a true 'winner.' But we're also thrilled to have the value and quality of DMP products affirmed by respected industry organizations."

The XTL Wireless Security System operates via cellular communications. At 3" X 5" X 1", it's the smallest DMP panel ever, but still packed with almost all of the popular security features and functions of full-size DMP panels. It offers 30 user codes with authority levels, 28 wireless zones, and a 100-event memory. It supports up to six areas, four two-way wireless keypads and eight fobs or wireless sirens.

Features built into the panel, keypad, sensors, and other DMP wireless devices make one-man system installation and setup possible. Installation productivity for installers will triple with this new product which lets dealers do more installs per day, and do each at a lower cost. End users appreciate the fact that installers don't have to drill holes for wires, resulting in a cleaner install with little or no damage to the customer's home.

The XTL is a professionally installed, distributed system, not an easily disabled all-in-one system. With the all-in-one systems, a burglar can quickly and easily track down the source of the alarm and disable the unit. With the XTL, the panel, keypad, sensors and siren are separated, and that improves security.

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