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Panel Programming and So Much More

Dealer Admin is a cloud-based portal that allows you to manage your business and your customers' DMP panels, including universal communicators and more.

One Platform to Meet All of Your Customers' Needs

Account Management

Create, add and delete customers. Easily see users' location, system type, version, and connection method with the customer dashboard.

Programming & Updates

Perform bulk remote updates, mass programming changes, and view system health status on a single dashboard.

Manage App Users

Create and manage Virtual Keypad™ app users. Enable app features and provide your customers with the power of the Virtual Keypad™ platform all from one location.

Automatic Panel Programming, Programming Templates Save You Valuable Time

Every year the number one issue on every alam company owners mind, is how am I going to find quality technicians to maintain and grow my business? That is exactly why DMP created these features in Dealer Admin to help you stop wasting time on installs. This simple principle has been our focus from day one.

The Enterprise Technology Platform to Help You Run Your Business

Reporting & Analytics

Reports, analytics and dashboards to help you spot trends and make informed decisions to move your company forward.

Personnel & Custom Roles

Custom Roles allow you to grant your staff only the authority they need to serve your customers, but nothing more.

Customer Referrals

Place your customer referral program in the palm of your customers hand. Create warm leads, close more sales.

Features to Grow Your Business

Map and Weather

View your customers’ locations. Sort and filter by panel, system, carrier, technology, status and other system criteria.

Zoom in to a specific area to view your customers’ addresses in street view or satellite and apply a filter to see if any customers are experiencing alarms, power outages or cell coverage.

Turn on the weather activity display to view which customers’ systems might be effected by severe storms. This helps predict where service calls could potentially come from.

Customer List

View your customer’s name, account number, system name, type, version and connection information. Use the search box to find specific information such as panel type, system, carrier, technology, status and other system criteria.

Export your results as a CSV so you can easily send the data to a technician or save the results to your device.

Customer Summary Page

Clicking on a customer’s name brings up the Customer Summary page. On this page you can view your customer’s account information as well as add systems and app users.

You can also view their customer score. Their score is based on criteria that indicates the earnings potential, customer loyalty, and activity of your customers. With the customer score, you can see at a glance if you are maximizing your potential and creating high-quality, long-term customers.

If you have Admin authority, you’ll see a Dealer Analytics link in the sidebar navigation. With this feature, you’ll have the metrics and usage statistics for all of your systems and customers.

There are two sections of the Dealer Analytics page — one to provide an overview, and the other for details.

Account Overview

View a summary of customer and system information for the current month, year or the total values for each item. For example, view the number of customers added this month, this year or in total.

Detailed analytics

View more information for each category, including Virtual Keypad™ app usage, number of systems installed, new customers and access control metrics. This section includes data from both the current month and last month for quick comparison.

In addition to viewing Dealer Analytics in Dealer Admin, you can subscribe to have full reports delivered by email every day, week or month, depending on the option that you choose.

Global Holiday Dates

Gone are the days of managing holiday dates one system at a time. The Global Holiday Dates feature allows you to create holiday dates by type and then push them out to multiple systems you specify.

  • Unlimited Global Holidays in Dealer Admin
  • 40 Holidays per Panel
  • When a Global Holiday Date is Edited, All Panels with that Specific Date Will Automatically Update

Bulk Remote Update

Even if you have dozens or thousands of DMP panels that support remote updates, Bulk Remote Update lets you start the update process all at the same time. From the Bulk Remote Update page, you can select a single panel or multiple panels. This gives you the ability to control which panels are updated.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can keep your customers up to date faster than ever before without leaving your office.

Mass Programming

The Mass Programming Dashboard allows you to make the necessary changes, apply them to the desired systems and then send the changes to all selected systems. On the Mass Programming Dashboard, you can also check the status of your programming changes to see when they are complete.

Remote Update Dashboard

The Remote Update Dashboard allows you to update multiple panels in bulk - simultaneously and at no cost. You can also view the status of the updates.

Even if you have dozens or thousands of DMP panels that support remote updates, Bulk Remote Update lets you start the update process all at the same time. From the Bulk Remote Update page, you can select a single panel or multiple panels. This gives you the ability to control which panels are updated.

Reporting & Analytics

Pull reports on almost any information that’s stored in Dealer Admin. For instance, you can generate a report that identifies customers with the Virtual Keypad app who have systems with — and without — Z-Wave devices or cameras. All of this information can be exported and saved as an Excel, CSV or PDF file, along with your customers’ email addresses and contact information. When you’re ready to focus on upselling opportunities, account upgrades and more, the Reporting feature is a definite time saver.

You also can view analytics in a live dashboard that creates graphs and charts, allowing you to see your customers, systems, app users and more. Use this valuable information for sales reports, marketing data, identifying coaching needs or whatever you need.

Service Request Dashboard

View open service requests as well as their assigned technician, customer name, and system type. Close tickets from this page.


View your app key and manage your contact information from the Dealer Settings page. Enable Video Verification for your customers.

Upload your logos to be used on graphic touchscreen keypads and Virtual Keypad app.

Your logo is the visual indicator of your brand. When your customers, competition and potential customers see your logo, they will be reminded of your business, values, products and services that you offer.

By putting your logo on your customer’s keypad and app, your customers will associate the safety and security of their home and/or business with your company. The two will be synonymous and builds powerful brand recognition. The more your customers, competitors, and potential customers see your logo in association with security, the more they will automatically associate your company with security.

Default Programming

Create and use preset programming defaults to program XT and XTL Series panels from the Tech APP™ or the Dealer Admin site. These programming defaults allow panels to be quickly programmed in the field or remotely.

Set up your pricing, reports, payment and other settings for On Demand monitoring. On Demand monitoring is a configured option that dealers can provide at their selection via on a customer’s browser. The customer logs into and schedules the exact monitoring times they want and pay a per-day rate, set by the dealer. End users may set up their system to monitor on days they will be away from home and will have the option to turn off monitoring when they choose.

Personnel List

View your staff, their authority level, email address, technician role and status. Reset your employee’s password or delete the user. Search for a specific employee by various keywords in the search box.

Technician Roles

Assign roles to technicians, which removes their access to Dealer Admin and restricts their access to your system during scheduled times. While adding a safeguard for your customer database, this feature lets your technicians take full advantage of the Tech APP and gives them the tools they need, only when they need it.

News Items

Stay up to date on the latest product releases, software updates, cellular outages and other announcements from DMP with the News Items page.

Upon logging into your account, if there has been a recent news item posted, an announcement bar will drop down with the news item information.

To sell at your best potential, you need quality marketing resources ready to use when you need them. Marketing Central is your online source for customizable marketing assets.

At the click of a button, you’ll find brochures, flyers, social media content, photos, videos, logos and more! Many items are “stock” and ready for you to download and use, while others are customizable with room to add your company’s logo and other information — all at no charge. Marketing Central is continually expanding with all of DMP’s latest marketing resources, each one professionally prepared. And best of all, it’s a free service to all DMP dealers.

Learn More

Virtual Keypad

For your customers, managing routine system tests have never been easier. But that’s not all — Virtual Keypad also gives them the freedom to change their emergency contact lists any time they need to.

Imagine it’s the weekend and the manager at Bob’s Laundromat quits. Without wasting a minute, Bob can delete that manager’s name from his emergency contacts, easily with the same app he’s already accustomed to using. Whatever the circumstances, now Bob and all your customers can use the app or browser to quickly add, delete and edit their emergency contacts, even change the order in which they’re prioritized.

Your Customers

They’ll appreciate the ability to easily manage their security whenever they need to. Adding these features to Virtual Keypad only makes your customers’ experience that much better!

Your Monitoring Center

Now operators can more fully focus on higher priority issues in the alarm stack. Fewer routine calls may also mean your monitoring center can handle the workload just fine without needing more operators.

Your Technicians

Rather than having to call the monitoring center to request systems be placed on or off test, now technicians can do it themselves through Dealer AdminTM or the Tech APPTM — either one without a single call. This remote access to system tests eliminates wasted time during installations and service calls.

Your Business Relies on Good Communication for the Best Customer Service

Together, Dealer Admin and Tech APP work in tandem to ensure professional customer service that’s organized and efficient.