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XF6 Series Control Panels

A 24V Solution, Now Available for Pre-Order

The XF6 fire control panel is built for single-site applications and comes equipped with network and cellular communications that send all signals directly to the monitoring center. Plus, powerful testing and programming features at your fingertips.

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Real Events. Real Time. Real Response.

Turn Existing Cameras Into Smart Motion Detectors

Gone are the days of your customers receiving erroneous alerts or watching a crime after it occurs. DMP’s new XV Series with AlarmVision uses video analytics to trigger an alarm into DMP’s XR panel. Instead of alerts about leaves, shadows and light, receive notifications about people, vehicles or animals. Give your customers the power to trigger real alarms during critical events.

7-Inch Touchscreen Keypad

Why can't security be stylish?

Introducing the sleek 7-Inch Touchscreen Keypad by DMP.

Large format | Intuitively designed | Integrated video

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Why waste money resubmitting battery calcs?

DMP’s new PowerCom LTE Fire Communicator is designed with its own power supply, giving you everything you need in a self-powered packaged solution with a regulated, power limited, switching power supply that meets UL, CSFM, NFPA, FCC and FDNY compliance standards.

Who else gives you all this, plus free supervised network communication to the central station? Only DMP.

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