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Life Safety is What They Want After All - The 1100T Wireless Translator is the industry's only wireless translator listed and approved for life safety. | Current Technical Support Hold Time is .

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Your Brand is the One that Should be Promoted — Not Ours

At DMP we are committed to making your business more valuable. Because of that, we make sure that your brand is the one being promoted. Choose from a variety of ways to market your brand and company.

Marketing Central

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Find sales literature, social media content, photos, videos and more for DMP products. Easily customize the materials with your logo and contact information. Professionally print your materials at our in-house print shop, or send the files to your favorite print shop.

Custom Graphic Touchscreen Keypads

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Customize graphic touchscreen keypads with your logo and contact information. Your customers will appreciate knowing exactly who to contact if they have questions about their system, and they will always be reminded of your company and the services you provide each time they use their keypad.

Custom Keypad Inserts

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Customize the silicone inserts in Thinline, Aqualite and Icon Series keypads with your logo. Anytime a user or customer of a business passes by or uses that keypad, they will always be reminded of your company and the services you provide.

Custom Credentials

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From adding your logo to cards, to customizing credential codes to adding custom graphics to Bluetooth credentials, we have a variety of ways to promote your brand on access control products.

Custom Branded Keypads

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An entirely custom interface for graphic touchscreen keypads. Our Product Design and Marketing teams will work with you to develop a keypad interface that complements and highlights your brand.

Custom Graphic Touchscreen Keypads

Add Your Logo to Graphic Touchscreen Keypads

Start with filling out the form below. You will receive an electronic proof to review before we finalize everything. Once approved, you will receive three micro SD cards formatted with your dealer screen information and logo. You can easily make unlimited copies of your master micro SD card on any PC or Mac computer using any micro SD card or you can order extras through DMP.

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Custom Keypad Inserts

Add your logo to Thinline, Aqualite and Icon series keypads.

Your logo can be screened onto the lighted silicone keypad inserts. To order, fill out the form below.

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Marketing Central

Customize All Your Marketing Materials With Your Logo and Contact Information

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Custom Credentials

Custom Labeled Credentials

Your logo is printed on credential cards.

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Custom Credentials

Choose specific internal/external numbering on credentials.

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BLE Credentials

Custom Bluetooth credential with logo and artwork. (Electronic Only)

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