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Life Safety is What They Want After All - The 1100T Wireless Translator is the industry's only wireless translator listed and approved for life safety. | Current Technical Support Hold Time is .

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This module takes advantage of customers’ pre-wired network cabling to speed installation or easily install in outlying areas that network is already located. It provides codeless entry plus system arming and disarming using DMP access cards or credentials; or customizable for other credentials.

Connects using an IP network for XR Series

Provides two auxiliary relay outputs

Use the 730 3-Port Network Switch to communicate over an isolated network LAN

Uses AES encryption

734N Access Control Module

Watch this episode of DMP Training Center for details on firmware Version 105 of the 734N and 734N-POE Access Control Modules.

When your customers require OSDP for their next install, you'll be ready.

Watch this episode of DMP Training Center to learn about OSDP support in the 734 Access Control Module Series and how to program the 734 for OSDP.