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The Z-TBZ500 Z-Wave Plus Thermostat is a programmable Z-Wave thermostat that can be powered using 24 VAC or four AA batteries. Paired with the DMP 738Zplus module, users have the ability to control their thermostat using Virtual Keypad App or browser.

Battery-only operation — no need for the fifth wire during installation

Can be powered with 24 VAC or with four AA batteries

Pairs with Z-Wave lights, locks and appliances

Can be grouped as a Favorite and controlled on a schedule

Equip your customers with easy home energy management

Your customers' peace of mind is at the top of our list — but we also have their budgets in mind, and that's why we design state-of-the-art security systems with the convenience of home energy management.

Are you ready to add a Z-Wave thermostat to your system?

It's really easy with Virtual Keypad!