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The XT50 control panel is your hybrid intrusion panel for residential or small business applications. Expandable up to 58 hardwired, wireless and onboard zones.

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A photo of the DMP XT50 control panel.
A photo of the DMP XT50 control panel.

Recommended Markets

Perfect for small business/retail, residential & takeovers.

Traditional Intrusion Panel

Fully featured to meet nearly any security application.

Easy to Use

Managed with Virtual Keypad app, Virtual Keypad Access & any DMP Keypad

Flexible Installation Options

Multiple programming and installation tools like Tech APP, Dealer Admin or even keypad programming are available.

Why Dealers Love It

Fully featured panel with a fast install time.

Why Technicians Love It

Fast programming means simple in and out installations.

Why End Users Love It

Easily manage users across a single multi-site application.

We make your business more valuable.

Offer competitive pricing with an integrated intrusion & access control panel.

With an integrated system, you get the full benefit of multiple security features, all working together. These features can reduce your risk and streamline your business operations — all translating into money you can save.

Features for Commercial

Stay in the know of who is coming and going and when.

With late to open/early to close notifications, business owners will be notified of arming/disarming outside of the predetermined schedule.

Features for Residential

Security and convenience blended into one panel.

At the press of one button on the keypad or phone, your customers can enjoy smart home technology, adjusted to their lifestyles automatically.

XT Series Sales Training

Director of Business Development, Jon Adams, covers the top selling features of the XT Series control panels.

XT Series Feature Infographic

Panel Features and Comparison

There are many ways that our products set you apart from the competition, but here are a few of the key distinctives that other dealers love.

State of the Art Safety Features

  • Encrypted Alarm Communication
  • False Alarm Question
  • Full Zone, Area, and User Info Transmission to Central Station

Seamless Installation and Maintenance

  • Backward and Forward Compatibility
  • Tech APP
  • Mass Programming
  • Programming Templates & Auto Programming
  • Remote Bulk Firmware Updates
  • Wireless Survey LED
  • Free Network Communication

Easy for End Users to Manage and Understand

  • Red Keypad in Alarm
  • Area Arming
  • Virtual Keypad Services
  • Menu Driven Keypad Interaction

We Keep Your Business Our Priority

  • Aggressive Product Development and Release Schedule
  • Dealer Direct Business Model
  • Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Springfield, MO with U.S. and Global Components

Training Resources

World Class Training for Your Team

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Marketing Resources

Customizable Sales Materials for Your Business

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DMP products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Springfield, Missouri with U.S. and global components.

Download the DMP panel feature comparison guide.