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Provides 16 doors of access control with additional licenses available to expand up to 96.

Fast and simple point-and-click control over every aspect of the security systems

Set up operator profiles defining specific rights and access permissions for each profile

Easy-to-use interface makes for simple system configuration and user permission management

Import existing data into Entré via standard comma-separated value (CSV) format files

Document Consolidation

In an effort to better streamline the Entré technical documents, we have reorganized and consolidated the over 20 documents into six guides. The following key provides details on where specific information now resides.

LT-2494 - Entré Installation, Setup, and Server Maintenance Guide
Administrators and IT specialists would use LT-2494 to view steps on how to configure your Apache Tomcat settings, perform maintenance on your server, construct your server architecture and reference the data flow in Entré. This guide combines the former:

  • LT-1639 Server Architecture Recommendations
  • LT-1641 How-To Guide: Apache Tomcat Configuration
  • LT-1658 Best Practices: Server Maintenance
  • LT-1660 Pre-Installation Checklist
  • LT-1707 Data Flow Reference Guide
  • LT-1753 Entré Installation and Setup Guide

LT-2495 - Entré Operations Guide
Operators would use this guide when performing daily tasks in Entré. This guide also combines the former:

  • LT-1632 How-To Guide: Removing a Panel (8.8.1 and lower)
  • LT-1633 How-To Guide: Managing Credentials
  • LT-1634 How-To Guide: Adding a Panel
  • LT-1635 How-To Guide: Swapping Panels
  • LT-1868 Entré Helpfile and User Guide
  • LT-2331 How-To Guide: Set Up Automatic Badge Disabler

LT-2496 - Entré NOC Sales Guide
This is a new document. Use it to reference Entré NOC policies and procedures. It also includes links to many DMP whitepapers and videos on Entré topics.

LT-2497 - Entré Migrations Guide
Use this guide for instructions on how to migrate to and from Entré. This guide combines:

  • LT-1728 Migrate from Entré to VK
  • LT-1940 Entré NOC How-To Guide: Database Migration

LT-1833 - Entré Pre-Installation Checklist
Use this guide before installing your Entré software.

LT-1782 - Pre-Upgrade Checklist
Use this guide before upgrading your Entré software.

As part of this consolidation process, please note, these documents will no longer be updated:

  • LT-1632 How-To Guide: Removing a Panel (8.8.1 and lower)
  • LT-1633 How-To Guide: Managing Credentials
  • LT-1634 How-To Guide: Adding a Panel
  • LT-1635 How-To Guide: Swapping Panels
  • LT-1639 Server Architecture Recommendations
  • LT-1641 How-To Guide: Apache Tomcat Configuration
  • LT-1658 Best Practices: Server Maintenance
  • LT-1660 Pre-Installation Checklist
  • LT-1707 Data Flow Reference Guide
  • LT-1728 Migrate from Entré to VK
  • LT-1753 Entré Installation and Setup Guide
  • LT-1868 Entré Helpfile and User Guide
  • LT-1940 Entré NOC How-To Guide: Database Migration
  • LT-2331 How-To Guide: Set Up Automatic Badge Disabler

DMP Entré Support and Features

Effective April 25, 2022, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured with updated Version 9.0.2 (4/14/22).

Entré 9.0.2 works with panel firmware Versions 181 to 202.


  • RFC 5322 Email Format:

Entré Version 9.0.2 (4/14/22) can validate special characters from the RFC 5322 standard internet message format.

  • Log4j Version 2.17.1:

Updates have been made to the software that replace all Log4j Version 1.2.15 utilities with Version 2.17.1 to further mitigate all reported vulnerabilities associated with that and other versions and enhance application security.

  • Improved Update Speed:

Improvements have been made to the Entré version updating process to make it faster.

Obtaining the New Software

Entré Security & Access Management software Version 9.0.2 (4/14/22) is provided to dealers who have previously purchased an Entré license, who are current with their Entré support agreement, and who have an Entré Certified Technician.

When your Entré NOC customers need to add, edit or delete panel users or operators, they’ll never again have to make that change in more than one place. With this release, changes they make in their personnel management directory will automatically get pushed to their panels in Entré.

Other features in Version 9.0 release:

  • Add Multiple Panels Simultaneously — Multiple licensed operators can now add panels to Entré at the same time. There’s no need to wait while another panel is being added.
  • Change Zone Type — Area zones can be changed to 24-hour zones and vice versa. This provides greater flexibility with panel programming.
  • Faster Driver Startup — Improvements have been made to the Entré driver. This significantly speeds start-up time.

Effective November 22nd, 2021, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured with updated Version 8.9 (11/19/21).

Entré 8.9 is compatible with Version 212 firmware and lower, but only features found in Version 202 firmware and lower are available.


Encrypted Communications: With Entré 8.9 (11/19/21), any direct cellular communications can be encrypted between Entré and the XR control panel.

Delete Panel Schedules and User Code Profiles: Previously, panel schedules could only be disabled. Now, you can fully delete a panel schedule. Turn on Allow deletion of items that normally may only be disabled, right-click the panel schedule, and select Delete.

The same update applies to user code profiles. Turn on Allow deletion of items that normally may only be disabled, right-click the user code profile, and select Delete.


Calculated Data Length: With some XR Series panels, data packets that exceeded the expected length would inadvertently be cut short. Due to this, some messages were rendered invalid. In Entré 8.9 (11/19/21), the ability to send varying data packet lengths has been improved, ensuring all data packets are accurately received.

Improved Copy and Prune Functionality: With Entré 8.9 (11/19/21), the Copy and Prune function continues to run even when the panel is offline.

Now with a Single Click, Entré Makes it Easy to Delete a Panel

Previously, deleting a panel and all of its associated equipment required multiple steps. With this update, you can remove a panel from Entré and delete all associated hardware and disassociate any attached profiles, automation rules, etc. — all with a single command.

To delete a panel, simply right-click the desired panel and select Delete. This will also delete all associated hardware and disassociate any attached profiles, automatic rules, etc.

Entré Now Supports New Private Door Option, Card Plus Pin by Area and Much More!

Get ready for new panel features that add even greater flexibility through Entré. Now, for instance, Entré supports the XR Version 202 feature that allows you to create private access doors without assigning them to an access area.

Private Door Programming
This feature allows you to apply Private Doors to profiles on a user-by-user basis. Supervisors and their staff members can share one profile for access to the same office, for instance, without using any of the system’s areas. You can have up to four Private Doors per profile and grant access to those doors based on the profile’s schedules.

Card Plus Pin by Area on XR550 Encrypted Panels
With this release, Entré also gives you the full benefit of another new feature released with the XR Series’ Version 202 firmware update. Now, XR550 encrypted panels not only allow you to assign Card Plus Pin to selected profiles but also to selected areas. This gives customers added flexibility and security by requiring Card Plus Pin only in certain areas and only for selected profiles. Otherwise, if Card Plus Pin isn’t enabled in that profile for other areas, it isn’t required.

Automatic Badge Disable
When you’re ready to install Entré 8.8, you’ll see we’ve included instructions and support documents for setting up and using the Automatic Badge Disable feature from Active Directory — this is available now in all Entré versions.

What does Automatic Badge Disable mean for me?
If you’re using Active Directory, this means you can delete credentials and user codes, and that change will instantly update the panels in Entré. There’s no need to coordinate making those personnel changes with Human Resources. It’s updated in Entré automatically, saving time and more importantly, eliminating any possibility that employees still have access because their records haven’t been updated in both places.

What Else Does Entré 8.8 Add?

Security Enhancements to Application
Security enhancements have been made to the installer and application files.

Mapping in Web Client
Now, if you’re using the Entré Web Client, you’ll have the flexibility to set up, add, edit and delete in the Map Editor module. Previously, this was only available with the standard Entré Client. Now you have the same functionality on both.

Updated Language Support
As we continue to update language support, Entré now supports Dutch.

Improvements to Entré Map Editor
Saves Time, Increases Efficiency

With Entré Version 8.7.4, you’ll notice significant improvements in loading speeds and overall performance of the Map Editor module. This includes faster load times for maps, devices and device statuses.

Previously, when you opened the map editor module, all system devices were pre-loaded. Version 8.7.4 only loads device statuses once a specific map is selected, cutting loading times for greater efficiencies.

Improved Continuity of Group Edit Screen
For consistency, Version 8.7.4 has changed the group edit layout in Remote Options to match the individual Edit - Panel layout, which uses a tab form for General, Entré and Integrator.

Now Entré Lets You Do More With Fewer Steps

Whether you’re managing thousands of panels or only a few, Entré 8.7.3 expands with several enhancements so you can more easily make the additions or edits you need to.

New Features
Hardware List Mirrored Functionality
To add or edit panels, now you have all the options you need not only in the Hardware Tree but also in the Hardware List. With this release, we’ve taken all of the features and functionality that previously were only available in the Hardware Tree, and we’ve incorporated them all into the Hardware List — reorganized so it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Create Areas, Zones and More All From the Panel Screen
Now you can also do a lot more from the Panel screen. Besides adding panels, you can also configure the panel, adjust settings and create areas and zones, all on this one page.

Personnel Management
Updating personnel records is easier than ever! When you delete a personnel record, from now on, Entré will automatically delete any associated credentials. There’s no need to take any other steps to update the record — as soon as you delete it, the badge or key fob are automatically revoked.

Reassign Zone to a Different Area
From the Panel screen, now you can also reassign zones to different areas without first deleting them on another page. Now in the same edit window, you can easily move the zone from one area to the other.

Disallow Driver Functions Per Operator Profile
For greater security, you can enable or disable functions for each driver. We’ve added this security enhancement to operator profiles so you can control who has authority to start or stop a panel or any of the drivers.

Added CSV Wizard Capabilities
In addition to being able to add personnel records and their associated data, now we’ve added a column so you can also modify and delete personnel records and associated data.

Entré 8.7.3 Improvements
Use Next Available Profile Number and User Number
When you add users or profiles, Entré now searches the database first to see if there are any unused numbers available rather than assigning the next sequential number. Unused records embedded in a database don’t present an issue unless you’re managing systems nearing 10,000 users. Nevertheless, when pulling reports from the panel, this change ensures that your database continues to reflect the actual number of active users and profiles.

Window Scaling
With this update, Entré accommodates all different screen sizes and resolutions. Regardless of which module is opened, Entré automatically scales the window to fit the screen resolution.

Effective August 12, 2020, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured as Version 8.7.1 (8/11/20). Entré 8.7.1 works with panel firmware Versions 181 to 201.

Delete the Badge and the Key Fob when Deleting Personnel
Previously, you had to delete a badge and personnel separately. Now, you have the ability to delete both at the same time. This saves time and helps with accuracy.

  1. Right click on the Personnel record.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Select OK to delete both or Cancel to close the message window.

Time Change
Entré allows you to enable a Time Change in System Options programming under Edit - Panel, below Hours from GMT. The options are Yes and No.

Added Ability to Edit the Network Encryption Passphrase
If network encryption is enabled via Panel Feature Key, the network passphrase can be edited. This feature is found under Edit - Panel > Network Options.

  1. Go to Edit - Panel.
  2. Open the Feature Keys tab.
  3. Select Encryption to enable it.
  4. Open the Network Options tab. The Passphrase should match the receiver.


Device Status Viewable in Status List
All device statuses can be viewed in real time in the Hardware List. This displays the panel programming changes without having to perform another search.

Wireless Serial Number
The wireless serial number programming has been improved to prevent the leading 0 from being removed unintentionally.

Effective June 12, 2020, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured as Version 8.7.0 (6/3/20). Entré 8.7.0 works with panel firmware Versions 181 to 201.

Supports XR Version 201 Firmware
Entré 8.7.0 supports and comes bundled with XR Series Version 201 firmware. See the XR Series Version 201 Technical Update TU-1139.

7463 Network Keypad Support
Entré 8.7.0 supports the 7463-W Network Thinline LCD Keypad with Prox Reader firmware Version 101 or higher.

Integrator Passphrase Option Replaces Integrator Checkin Minutes
With XR Series Version 201, Integrator Checkin Minutes has been removed from Remote Options and is replaced by Integrator Passphrase.

Password Expiration for Web Client
Enables the operators profile to expire after the set amount of days indicated in
Configuration > System Configuration > Password Policy. If it is past the days indicated, the operator is notified of the expiration when logging into the web client as well as the desktop client.

Variable Buffer Size
Entré 8.7.0 sizes its data being sent to the panel to never exceed the panel buffer when sending user codes. This prevents the panel from experiencing an error and going offline in Entré.

Entré™ Delivers New Features to Save Time, Increase Efficiency
Customers With Thousands of Panels Will Enjoy these New Features the Most

When searching a database for a particular user or panel, Entré 8.6 allows new ways to filter what you don’t need, so you can find exactly what you do need faster. While some new features are specifically geared to central stations or Entré NOC customers who manage thousands of panels, others 8.6 features apply to all Entré customers.

New Features for All Entré Customers
Performance Improvements to the Hardware Tree and List
Now, in addition to filtering by device address and name, you can sort the Hardware Tree and Hardware List by account number. This makes it significantly easier to find panels quickly. By using the account number, you can organize your hardware tree for easier identification of your panels.

Create and Edit Zones under Edit-Panel
Now you can add, edit and delete zones directly from the panel’s configuration window. Rather than going to each specific area to add zones, this consolidates that process, making it easier and faster without having to go to multiple places. A simple double-click on the panel will take you to the Edit – Panel window.

736V Device and Zone Support
With this update, you can add the 736V V-Plex Module to convert non-DMP panels into Entré. As you may know, DMP’s 736V V-Plex Module lets you upgrade Honeywell® V-Plex® systems to DMP without replacing the existing V-Plex devices and wire. This flexibility saves you time and money, giving you the competitive advantage when updating schools or large commercial applications. You also have the added benefit of being able to provide customers the benefits of the Virtual Keypad™ app.

Search by Desired User Code Profile in Personnel and Badges
The search has been enhanced to allow you to search for the desired user code profile using some of the panel’s known identifying information such as: account number, panel number, custom fields, etc. This includes any combination of these values.

Included Firmware
With this release and all future releases, Entré is bundled with the highest XR panel firmware it supports. In this case, that’s XR Version 1.93. This bundled package means that customers will only have one fee to scan both firmware versions.

New Option to Hide Drivers Increase Security
Entré 8.6 allows you to customize the operator profile to display or hide the automation drivers for the Hardware Tree and List. When operators need to add users, panels or perform other basic management forms, the drivers will not be visible; therefore, they can’t accidentally turn off the automation driver.

New Features for Entre NOC Customers and Central Stations
For customers working with thousands of panels, Version 8.6 fundamentally changes the way Entré functions. The more data you have, for instance, the longer you may think it’s going to take to find exactly what you’re looking for. With Version 8.6, it’s never been easier.

Greater Efficiency With Search Enhancements
Now you can take advantage of the ability to combine multiple clarifiers to narrow a search. By using the word “and” in the search field, you can simultaneously filter and search the database. This increases operators’ efficiencies by allowing flexibility and granularity to search any screen however they need to.

Significantly Faster Load Times
This speeds up loading across all Entré screens. When searching badge modules, for instance, there’s no waiting for data from potentially thousands of panels and devices to load.

Entré Expands With Many New Features and Performance Improvements

For added speed with new installs, Version 8.5 creates a streamlined workflow for Entré operators and technicians. Now, operators can export programming from a panel in Entré and email it to a technician in the field who imports it into Remote Link and applies it to the panel locally. This is great for bringing on brand new panels or using sub-contractors for service. There’s no waiting on the operator to download the file, making installation fast and easy for panels that have not established communication with Entré yet.

Programming Templates: A Time-Saving Benefit
When you’re installing multiple panels that share the exact same programming, now you can rely on programming templates to make those installs even quicker and easier. To eliminate having to program each of those panels individually, now you can create a template in Entré, a big advantage especially for handling customers with multiple locations.

“You already have the information you need that’s not going to change — now you have the flexibility to import that default programming with one click,” says Justin Norris, product manager for DMP Access Control. “You may need to put in new zone names, but having all of the hardware automatically programmed makes it even easier to set up a new panel in Entré.”

XR Version 193 Support
Entré is now compatible with XR Version 193. With Entré 8.5, you’ll now have the benefit of the XR panel programming updates we released this month.

Along with XR Version 193 support, we also support numerous new features from both the 192 and 193 XR panel updates. For instance:

  • Multiple Card Formats
  • 1108 Doorbell Module Support
  • 1168 Wireless Smoke/CO/Low Temp Detector Support
  • Celsius Temperature Option
  • Integrator Port Connection
  • 714N Network Zone Expander Support
  • And more...

What Else Does Entré 8.5 Add?

  • CSV Importer

The CSV Importer now allows operators to import CSV files from the web client.

  • Remote Key Programming

Entré now allows you to store and change the panel remote key.

  • Retrieve Panel MAC Address

For greater network or security management purposes, Entré now automatically retrieves and stores panel MAC addresses.

  • Direct Cell Connection

Now you’re able to connect to the panel using Direct Cell. This is an Entré NOC feature that requires a VPN connection. You can use this method for higher security for panels that are connected via cell only.

Effective November 1st, 2019, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured as Version 8.4.1 (10/17/19). To use any of the following features, panels must be updated to firmware Version 172 or higher.

Updated Functionality

Updated Fire Zone Type
Fire Panel Slave is an available option for Fire (FI) zones. This option allows a fire zone the ability to provide slave communication to a separate fire alarm panel. If enabled, this zone will transmit a restoral immediately when restored by the fire panel being monitored without requiring a sensor reset. If disabled, this zone will operate as a standard fire type zone and a sensor reset is required before the zone will return to normal.

Improved Keyfob Control Interface
In Entré 8.4.1, improvements have been made to the keyfob control interface concerning the display of press time and output assignment.

Improved Badge Design Preview
Improvements have been made to the functionality of the badge design preview window.

Updated Workstation Views for Operators
Workstations can be hidden from the Hardware Tree when using partitions. This functionality enables central station administrators to hide workstations in unassigned partitions from operators.

Improved Performance
Program architecture and frameworks have been adjusted to improve the overall performance of Entré.

Entré 8.4 Adds Multiple Performance Enhancements

Including Single Sign-On for User Convenience and Overall Greater Security

Entré software continues to expand with performance improvements to ensure a smoother, more convenient user experience. Version 8.4 adds support for Single Sign-On (SSO), for instance, which saves time for the user, who is now required to sign in to Entré just one time per session.

SSO authenticates user login information by referencing their active directory credentials. The Entré web client allows you to use a service provider, such as Ping Identity, to authenticate a user. When a user attempts to sign in, the service provider verifies the login information from the Tomcat server and assigns a certificate that grants access to the web client.

For the Entré full client, SSO works just like Remote Link. It allows you to assign a Windows user to an operator. When a user signs in to Windows, the user’s login is checked against information in the Entré database. If the user exists in Entré, they are authenticated and automatically signed in when the program is opened.

You won’t be prompted to enter your credentials during that session again. That’s a time-saving benefit we’d all enjoy! There’s also a security benefit as well.

“With the referencing of Active Directory of all user codes and passwords, Admin, HR or IT personnel can easily enable and disable Entré operator access immediately,” explains Justin Norris, product manager for DMP Access Control. “This makes for easier Entré user login management to ensure greater security.”

For better user code management and tighter security, SSO is a customary practice among banks and government. Version 8.4 expands that best practice for the convenience and security of all Entré customers.

To install or update the new Entré Version 8.4, you must have a current Entré support agreement and have an Entré certified technician. With that, you can take advantage of the new SSO feature, along with other benefits, including:

Enabling Deletion of Data
With the exception of information that’s referenced in other places across hardware within Entré, Version 8.4 allows customers to fully delete unused panels and related data. Previously, customers were allowed to disable information, although that data continued to take up storage space in the Entré SQL database. This affected overall performance of Entré, especially during Automation operations like copy and prune. Now, removing information that’s not used or needed will allow you to clean up your SQL database and increase the overall performance.

More Secure Operator Password Hashing
Operator passwords are now hashed more securely within Entré. All new users and users who change their passwords can take advantage of this improved functionality.

Improved Search: Hardware List and Hardware Tree
Now Entré customers have the option to search in the Hardware List and Hardware Tree modules by panel account number. Rather than automatically loading the entire list, only the hardware that’s associated with the account number is needed; therefore, it loads faster.

Background Performance Improvements
With this upgrade, we’ve made other improvements across Entré to enhance the user experience. Depending on what Entré version you’re currently using, this upgrade may take slightly longer to complete.

Effective September 6th, 2019, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured as Version 8.3.1 (8/30/19). To use any of the following features, panels must be updated to firmware Version 172 or higher.


Database Migration Tool (Entré NOC only)
The Database Migration Tool allows you to import information from an existing Remote Link® database. This information includes panel hardware, users, profiles, and schedules. For more information, refer to the Entré NOC How-To Guide: Database Migration. Entré NOC customers can obtain the Database Migration Tool by calling the Software Support Team at 888.436.7832.


Operator Profile Assignments
In previous versions of Entré, attempting to reassign an Operator Profile to a workstation generated an error. Entré 8.3.1 enables you to assign or reassign Operator Profiles to any workstation.

Improved Performance
Changes have been made to the database to improve performance of Entré.

New Cellular Connection, Instant Zone Type, Increased Door Schedules, and Much More

Entré™ 8.3 Offers Multiple Programming Updates for XR Panel Compatibility

If you’ve previously purchased an Entré license, are current with your Entré support agreement, and have an Entré certified technician, you’ll now be able to install or update the new Entré Version 8.3 and have the benefit of the panel programming updates we released earlier this spring with the XR Series Version 191.

For example, Entré 8.3 adds the option of cellular as the primary or backup path. If the network fails, this ensures the panels will continue sending events over the cellular path. Entré also supports other XR 191 features including the addition of an Instant Zone Type and increased door schedules from 8 to 16 per door.

Other XR Panel Programming Options:

  • Zone Activity Hours (XR550 Version 107 and higher)
  • Programming the Keypad Armed LED option
  • “Use False Alarm Question” option
  • “Allow Own User Code Change” option

What Else Does Entré 8.3 Add?
New SQL-Based Report for Remote Firmware Updates — This report includes Status of Update, which identifies which panel updates were successful or failed. It also includes the Operator Name, Panel Name, Current Firmware, and Previous Firmware.

Multi-Panel Firmware Update — You now have the ability to set up an automation rule to perform the panel firmware update. You also have the ability to set the encryption type in the communications path to the monitoring center receiver.

Entré NOC Functionality Improvements — for instance:

  • Wireless key fob programming has been added to the web client — this can be added from a browser window
  • Active directory integration to disable badges when a person is made inactive in a company’s active directory

Effective January 30, 2019, all Entré Security & Access Management software will be manufactured with updated Version 8.2 (1/25/19) software.

1122 PIR Motion Detector Support

Entré Version 8.2 supports the 1122 Wireless PIR Motion Detector. You can add the 1122 to Entré and modify settings such as contact, supervision time, PIR pulse count, and PIR sensitivity.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Zone Type and Temporal 4 Bell Cadence Support

Entré Version 8.2 supports XR150/XR550 Series panel firmware Version 183 features. With Version 183, carbon monoxide detectors have a designated Carbon Monoxide (CO) zone type. For a CO Zone Type, the default bell cadence is Temporal 4, which can be programmed in Bell Options. From the Status List programming section in Entré, you can specify which keypads you want Carbon Monoxide Zone types to display on during Alarm and Trouble events.

Multiple Card Formats

With Version 8.2, you can now program multiple card formats from Entré. This feature is only for XR150/XR550 Series Panels Version 183 and higher. You can program card formats from the panel edit section as well as from within the door devices in Entré. With Version 8.2, you can program up to seven different card formats in addition to DMP format.

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