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Give your customers the convenience of remotely managing their security systems with their smartphones.

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Recommended Markets

Commercial, Residential, Multi-Site and Multi-Family

Modern, Intuitive Design

Total control of your system from any device wherever you are.


Works with all DMP control panels, X1 access control, and all Com Series communicators.

Manage System Users

Control your employees' system access in the palm of your hand.

Why Dealers Love It

Branded with your logo & information so customers are reminded of the services you provide.

Why Technicians Love It

Setting up a customer is an easy, three-step process.

Why Users Love It

Security, peace of mind and control in the palm of your hand.

We make your business more valuable

Why is Virtual Keypad a good solution for dealers?

Studies show that users that are engaged with a mobile app are more likely to use and appreciate their system.

Why is Virtual Keypad a good solution for small businesses?

Running a small business is its' own challenge. With Virtual Keypad, you can control who has access and when, see video of your business, and have confidence that your system is armed every night.

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Why is Virtual Keypad a good solution for residential customers?

It provides your family confidence and peace of mind for busy lifestyles. You can easily automate your system to make your life easier and safer.

Area Arming

In an Area system, burglary protection is divided into up to six areas. Each area can have a custom name, be turned on or off, and limit access to only those users with proper authority. This is commonly used in commercial applications.


In an All/Perimeter system, the building is divided into 2 main areas: the perimeter of the building, and then both the perimeter and interior of the building. This is commonly used in commercial applications.


In a Home/Sleep/Away system, the building is divided into 2 or 3 areas: perimeter, interior, and bedrooms. This is commonly used in residential applications.

When a user receives a notification that their system is in alarm, “Is This A False Alarm?” is displayed. If cameras are on the system, users can tap the notification and view live footage from their cameras. They can then confirm or cancel the alarm by tapping "Real Alarm" versus "False Alarm" on the screen.

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System managers/owners have access to all authorized system users and have the ability to add, delete and modify users/their codes.

XR Series

The system manager can create up to 99 profiles, each with defined capabilities. Users are then assigned to up to four of these profiles. For Temporary users, the system manager can specify the date when the rights will expire.

XT & XTL Series

The system manager can assign authority levels to each user. (Master: Full authority or Arm Only authority.) They can also assign users as Temporary, which are automatically deleted in seven days.


Schedule arming/disarming, your favorites,
doors, Z-Wave devices and other outputs.

Users can create a geofence in Virtual Keypad and link it to one of their Favorites. Multiple geofences can be created to activate more than one Favorite, or to activate Favorites when they enter or exit certain geo-locations.

Users can take a picture of an area and add hotspot control of Z-Wave devices.

Users can set up specific events, or actions, to occur when certain events happen on their panel.

System Actions

Set your Favorites to activate along with specific system events. (Such as when the system is armed, when there is a fire alarm, a panic alarm, etc.)

Video Actions

Automatically record clips when specific events (such as Armed, Disarmed, Access Granted, or Access Denied) occur.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions gives users more options for creating actions, such as a favorite that activates or deactivates Z-Wave devices within a specific timeframe.

View this video to learn more about the Virtual Keypad app.