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Life Safety is What They Want After All - The 1100T Wireless Translator is the industry's only wireless translator listed and approved for life safety. | Current Technical Support Hold Time is .

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Exactly like DMP's award-winning 7800 Series Wired keypads...except it's wireless.

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A photo of the DMP XTLtouch, a graphic touchscreen keypad.

Fully functional, 900 MHz wireless keypad with optional deskstand design available

5-inch touchscreen interactive display with a resistive screen

Interactive shield for quick arming/disarming along with a carousel menu for shortcut features

Each keypad includes a proximity reader for codeless arming/disarming

DMP gives you touchless keypads

There are several ways to arm and disarm DMP systems without touching the keypad — in light of COVID-19, that’s a very important advantage! Take our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline Series keypads, for instance. These keypads' built-in proximity readers allows you to present your own credential rather than touching the screen to enter your codes. And don’t forget, our codeless keypads' arming/disarming feature is compatible with every DMP control panel, whether it’s an XTL, XT or XR Series.

Pairing the touchscreen keypad with a DMP control panel is simple.