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Allows upgrades of non-DMP systems with one-way, low-frequency, wireless transmitters, such as Interlogix, Honeywell 5800, 2GIG and DSC. With this one device, you can easily take over any of these systems and upgrade them to DMP panels, receivers and software management tools. The 1100TF includes an installed 24-hour standby battery backup for commercial and residential fire applications.

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Communicates to a DMP panel via DMP’s 1100 Series receivers’ wireless connection that eliminates wiring

Learns in zones for faster installations, uses working transmitters and sensors

Customers get Virtual Keypad convenience and functionality without increasing installation costs

Compatible with life safety devices and is certified for commercial and residential smoke detection

The 1100TF is ideal for commercial and residential fire installations and is in accordance with NFPA 70 and NFPA 72

Choose DMP Wireless for a competitive edge

DMP 1100 Series wireless provides you with an edge over the competition. With superior range, greater reliability, easy installation and the latest in wireless technology, DMP Wireless is an easy choice.

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