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Another Advantage of DMP’s Digital Wireless: The Built-In Survey LED

Another Advantage of DMP’s Digital Wireless: The Built-In Survey LED

It’s All You Need to Visually Confirm Communication

By Dave Roberts

Vice President of Engineering

March 23, 2020

Which would you rather have: A wireless transmitter for which you’d also need to purchase another tool to measure its signal strength… or a transmitter that has the signal indicator “built in?”

When you’re deploying a wireless system, you may find that some manufacturers suggest you provide your installers with a specialized tool, which they’d need for every wireless installation in order to test the signal. Because we understand that pre-testing is such an important part of deploying a wireless system, we build that visual functionality into every single transmitter. It’s always there where you need it, when you need it.

We call this the survey LED. And, because DMP’s 1100 Series transmitters rely on digital wireless functionality, there’s no such thing as a “marginal signal.” In our 20-plus years of testing wireless systems, digital, unlike analog, either performs with 100 percent signal strength, or no signal at all.

What does that mean for you and your installers?

The survey LED gives installers the confidence that they have all the information they need — if the red survey LED turns on then immediately turns off, at the location they’ve selected for the transmitter and receiver, they know communication back and forth will continue with 100 percent performance. If, however, the LED remains on for about 8 seconds or flashes multiple times in quick succession, this verifies that communication is not established, and the installer should move the transmitter or receiver until the LED immediately turns off, indicating the transmitter and receiver are communicating properly.

When the installer presses the tamper switch and trips the sensor, the survey LED lights up to indicate if the panel has received the signal or not – this is a capability made possible by the two-way communications of our wireless system. By using DMP’s survey LED feature, installers and customers alike can be assured system are installed properly.

The onboard LED on all 1100 Series transmitters also give you a cost-saving advantage. With one-way systems, typically, installers work in two-person teams; one tripping the sensor and the other standing near the control panel to verify whether the signal has been received. With the built-in survey capability, DMP’s Two-Way Wireless allows for single-person installations, eliminating the requirement for an additional survey kit.

For wireless installations, DMP’s Two-Way Wireless alarm systems with onboard survey LED visually confirms communication. But there are numerous other advantages. To learn more, click here.

View LED Survey Training Video from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.

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