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Are You Taking Advantage of the Entré Pre-Upgrade Checklist?

Are You Taking Advantage of the Entré Pre-Upgrade Checklist?

By Stephen Bowen

Manager of DMP Call Center

September 4, 2019

What's the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly when your Entré certified technician arrives at your customer's location to upgrade Entré?

DMP's Entré Pre-Upgrade Checklist.

We have seen a dramatic increase in successful Entré upgrades since moving to the checklist and then sending you the update file — we want to be sure everyone knows about it. The checklist is available on our Entré page. Previously you downloaded Entré software upgrades directly from our website and hoped the upgrade would go well. This checklist gives you an opportunity to make sure your customer’s system has the required specifications to run well after the upgrade.

In most cases, your customer’s IT personnel fills out the checklist, after which you would email it to where the Technical Support Software team will review the information with you and identify any potential problems. This prevents your Entré certified technician from arriving at your customer’s location and being unable to perform the upgrade because there’s not enough RAM or because the SQL Database and Entré are on the same machine. Our goal was to make it easier for you and easier for your customer, and that's what we're seeing when using the checklist.

The next time you need to upgrade Entré software, be sure to take advantage of the checklist. Having the opportunity to review the details of your customer’s system with us in advance allows us to work together to ensure a smooth upgrade.

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