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Cat-M1’s Coverage Enhancement Provides Greater Signal Delivery Where Coverage is Degraded

When You’re “On the Fringe,” You’ll Be Glad You Chose DMP

Cat-M1’s Coverage Enhancement Provides Greater Signal Delivery Where Coverage is Degraded

By Bill Dorman

Information Security Officer, SecureCom Wireless

October 21, 2019

It’s important to know that the security manufacturer you rely on has chosen the best technology to employ with their new communicators. As you may know, DMP LTE communicators for Verizon and AT&T are designed with Cat-M1 technology. What you may not realize is that every DMP module you purchase is also designed with a unique technology as part of Cat-M1 called Coverage Enhancement Mode A, and now, with the widespread deployment of LTE systems, that’s making a big difference in providing reliable service, wherever you are.

In fact, in “fringe areas” where there’s poor connectivity due to high interference or poor coverage, the Coverage Enhancement feature can effectively provide up to a 10 dBm gain in cell reception over traditional LTE in the same geographic space. That’s because Coverage Enhancement Mode A actually changes how frequently your DMP module attempts to communicate — if a device normally tries to communicate one time, for instance, with Coverage Enhancement Mode A, it can try up to 32 times that.

When using a DMP LTE communicator, your DMP panel cellular communications have a much greater delivery probability over traditional communicators, especially in areas with degraded coverage. In short, this new modulation does a better job of penetrating interference and walls and reaching cell towers.

DMP was one of the first security manufacturers to adopt Cat-M1 technology — our research showed it would serve our customers best. Now, with the widespread use of LTE systems, that’s proving true. In fact, in addition to greater performance through buildings, external walls and other interferences, Cat-M1 offers other important advantages, like maximum network lifespan and affordable module pricing.

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