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Data Integrity: How to Stop the Theft of Your Access Credentials’ Data

Data Integrity: How to Stop the Theft of Your Access Credentials’ Data

By Justin Norris

Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

September 25, 2020

In light of heightened concerns over health and hygiene, businesses know they need contactless credentials. But they’re increasingly aware of an equally serious threat: Hackers who are able to capture and use their private card-based information. Now like never before, they’re turning to MIFARE DESFire technology for greater security. Since the beginning of 2020, in fact, we’ve seen a significant increase in our sales of smart card credentials and readers.

There are several advantages in using MIFARE DESFire readers and credentials, more specifically DMP’s. That’s because DMP’s Delta line of credentials delivers MIFARE DESFire EV2 support, an even higher security encryption technology standard first designed for the federal government.

Dedicated Protection
Using a unique DMP secure key, data communication between the card and reader is encrypted. During the validation process, the credential’s secure key is challenged by the reader. If the secure keys match, the reader will read the card’s data.

While some smart card credentials and readers also use higher frequency for added security, DMP’s does more by adding the unique secure key. This is what eliminates the possibility of the internal number being identified and duplicated if the card is lost or stolen. Customers who understand this difference appreciate knowing their data will continue to be safeguarded, reinforcing the enhanced value of their access control systems.

128-bit AES Encryption That’s Also Convenient
1301M Admin Reader: But using a higher level of security doesn’t automatically make it harder to manage the system or enroll new credentials. We exclusively offer the 1301M 13.56 MHz MIFARE DESFire Admin Reader. With the convenience of plug-and-play functionality, the reader captures the stored encrypted user codes once the card is scanned then automatically populates the internal user code, right where the cursor has been placed. It also allows you to enter cards in which you’ve misplaced or lost the encoded number that’s usually provided when cards are ordered.

The 1301M is compatible with any of the products you’re already familiar with from DMP — that could be Dealer Admin™, System Link™, Remote Link™ or Entré™. And, if your customers are managing access control through Virtual Keypad Access™, the ability to very quickly and easily manage codes by scanning them in is going to make things that much easier.

Bluetooth Readers: DMP’s line of MIFARE DESFire products fit every customers’ application. In fact, for customers who prefer offering the convenience of using smartphones for access rather than keeping track of a key fob or card, we offer the Farpointe Data CSR-35 Conekt Bluetooth and CMC-2 Smartphone Mobile Access Credentials. Our current MIFARE DESFire Delta Series and Bluetooth reader are all available in Wiegand protocol, as well as OSDP.

What is OSDP?
Like DMP’s MIFARE DESFire products, its OSDP readers also support high-end 128-bit AES encryption. OSDP stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol, which is widely considered the gold standard for preventing the interception of data between the reader and access control module. In combination with smart cards and readers, OSDP ensures full-system security, from the credential to the reader and from the reader to the access control system. While it’s a huge move to increase security, OSDP support to DMP’s 734 Series does not greatly increase module pricing.

As demands for MIFARE DESFire and OSDP both continue to expand, DMP and its authorized dealers are in a unique position to meet that need by serving customers better.

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