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Give Your Customers the Advantage of Adaptive Technology

With Adaptive Technology, Vital Communications Will Never Miss A Beat

By Aaron McGhee
Product Manager of Control Panels

October 1, 2018

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate!" That well-known line from the 1967 classic, "Cool Hand Luke," certainly wasn't referring to the shortcomings of a security system! Even so, it perfectly pinpoints why some systems fall short. Whatever they're protecting, with adaptive technology, their security system's vital communications will never miss a beat.

When it comes to protecting people's lives and their property, the communication between your customer's panel and your receivers has to be absolutely reliable. Not most of the time. All the time.

At a moment's notice, it has to be able to adapt to unforeseen changes. Say, for instance, your customer's internet service provider has an outage. When unforeseen things like that happen, some security systems can take a while to get their messages across. If you want to give your customers a higher level of security, we've got it.

If the security system's primary communication path is ever disrupted, it has the ability to automatically "adapt" to its secondary cellular path -- while never missing a heartbeat -- and continue to be fully supervised. We call this Adaptive Technology.

Adaptive Technology can save you money in more ways than one
Having a primary failover is fairly standard in most security systems, but few are as efficient. After switching to its secondary path, for instance, a DMP system constantly checks the failed path and reverts back to its primary path as soon as communication is restored; therefore, minimizing cell traffic when all paths are good.

Also, some panel communication goes first through a Network Operations Center, where it’s then interpreted and retransmitted to a monitoring center receiver over the internet. In comparison, DMP panels communicate directly with the monitoring center. This ensures faster response and eliminates concerns about signals not being properly relayed or intermediate communication links failing.

Without Adaptive Technology, you’d have to treat any communication failure as an alarm and potentially dispatch the police. In some high-security businesses, this can eliminate the need to send a security guard to your customer’s premises.

Time is of the Essence
Some panels take up to two minutes before switching over to cellular. That’s a two-minute window of opportunity for people trying to attack your customer’s location! With Adaptive Technology, DMP cuts out any opportunity for someone to do damage. When lives and property are at stake, that’s definitely a great feature to have!

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