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Home Automation Integration

Mark Hillenburg

Executive Director of Marketing

May 8, 2017

I’ve been in this industry for almost 25 years and Home Automation--Smart homes--now IoT has been "the next big thing" for that whole time. I think its time is actually here!

Let's look at some numbers.

Parks & Associates reports that "~25% of US homes with broadband have a security system and ~21% of those are professionally monitored.”

That also has been the number for the last 20+ years.

They also report that for those with an alarm system, 65% say they plan to buy a smart home device within the next year.

For years multiple studies have shown that Safety & Security is the number one driver of Smart Home Device adoption, and from multiple surveys, we know that Security Companies are by far the most trusted to provide those services.

So the Security Industry is in a good position.

Blog_Home Automation Integration

Of course, the most desired smart home devices are those that are directly related to security and safety as you can see here.

Blog_Home Automation Integration_2

I think that we can agree that as a DMP dealer you’ve had access to these products and services for a while now. These studies prove that Safety & Security is the best driver for smart homes, and no better way to accomplish that than by having the security panel be the central hub of that processing. Allowing the HVAC to stop circulating smoke when a smoke detector goes off, turning on the lights immediately on alarm, unlocking the doors when there is a fire, or locking the doors automatically when the last person leaves the geofence--getting an arming reminder as you drive out of your neighborhood. All of these things make security the natural choice for staying in the middle of this smart home revolution. Some of you say "but Mark, we know this. We’ve been hearing it. We get it."

Just wait, there’s a new twist. In her Feb article from this year, Julie Jacobson of CE Pro Magazine reports that "the number one market trend in home technology for 2017 is Voice Control Integration."

Blog_Home Automation Integration_3

To that end, we are super excited to announce our integration with Amazon Alexa & soon, Google Home. Click on this page of our website to read more about using Voice Control to control your Alarm and Home Automation System with DMP.

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