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Looking for a BIN Code Solution for Your Regional Banking Customers?

Looking for a BIN Code Solution for Your Regional Banking Customers?
Take a Look at the new 734B

By Justin Norris

Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

February 10, 2020

For your customers who manage regional banks, here’s an affordable way you can bring BIN code support to their facilities. If you haven’t yet taken a look at DMP’s new 734B Bin Code Access Control Module, it installs just like any of DMP’s access control modules. And like all DMP access control solutions, it's designed with customized functionality and added flexibility. Let’s take a look.

Customized Functionality:

In combination with a magstripe reader, the 734B allows banks to restrict access into their ATM vestibules and lobbies only to their customers with valid bank cards. With the 734B, you don’t have to program user codes for every single customer of the bank. You can program a single Bank Identification Number (BIN) into the panel and use that as your basis for access control. To control access, the module processes the bank card’s BIN that can be up to eight digits long.

As you can imagine, one of the nicest things about adding BIN code support is no need to grant users any new credentials. The 734 allows them to use the same bank cards for access that they’re accustomed to using at the ATM itself.

Furthermore, the 734B is compatible with any swipe-based magstripe reader, which supports the ABA Track 2 data from the bank card. “The 734 provides the interface between the reader and the panel,” explains DMP’s Corporate Trainer Adam Barton. “So, you’re free to use any ABA Track 2 magstripe reader that’s readily available.”

Added Flexibility:

With the 734B, your customer can take advantage of schedules and remote locking. This gives them the flexibility to schedule an ATM vestibule to be locked during banking hours and unlocked for their patrons’ convenience when banks are closed. Other powerful access control features include the ability to run reports, make users inactive and use Entré™ or Virtual Keypad™ Access to easily change BIN codes.

These features are available whether the BIN codes are programmed as user codes and either processed at the panel or processed locally from the access control module. For added flexibility, the 734B can also be programmed as a standalone door control module without requiring a panel.

It’s a Win-Win for Banks and Their Customers

For a bank’s customers, the 734B offers security that’s also convenient. And for the banks themselves, because the 734B allows them to review events, they can see how many of their competitor’s customers might be attempting to use that ATM, which helps guide them in their marketing decisions.

For pricing information on the 734B, please log in to to view the Latest Price Notifications and Updates. For sourcing information on compatible readers or other questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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